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This guide provides  relevant information about AQRB Project Registration Form to let you find the information you need. Architects and Quantity Surveyors Registration Board was established by the Architects and Quantity Surveyors (Registration) Act No 16 of 1997, which was repealed and replaced by Act No 4 of 2010; and among its activities is to register and regulate conducts of Architects, Quantity Surveyors, Interior Designers, Landscape Architects, Conservation Architects, Naval Architects, Furniture Architects, Building Surveyors and Construction Managers.



Project registration

In view of regulating the built environment and safeguarding the public in general, it is the requirement of the law as provided under S.5 (1) (d) and S.34 (5) of the Act. No 4 of 2010 that Architectural and Quantity Surveying firms register with the Board their construction projects within 30 days after securing the project and that the signboard has a valid Board’s logo issued by the Board. Please duly fill the information required hereunder in order to collect the Board’s Logo to be placed on the Construction Site Signboard.

Duly filled application form should contain the following informations:

  • Information about the client: Name, Postal address, Telephone number and email.
  • Information about the Project: Name of the project, Physical location, Plot Number, Block Number, Street/Area,
    District, Region, Building permit number. SCOPE OF THE PROJECT: Horizontally (Number of units), Vertically (Number of units), Total gross floor area of the project, Estimated total cost of the project.
  • Information about the Architects involved in the project: Name of the Architectural firm (Pre contract), Pre contract project Architect (Author): Name, Postal address, Telephone number. Name of Architectural firm (Post contract), Name of the Project Architect (Post contract): Name, Postal address, Telephone number.
  • Information about the Quantity Surveyors involved in the project: Name of Quantity surveyor firm (Pre contract), Pre contract Project Quantity surveyor (Author): Name, Postal address, Telephone number, Name of Quantity Surveyor Firm (Post contract), Name of Project Quantity surveyor (Post contract): Name, Postal address, Telephone number.
  • Other Parties in the Post Contract Stage: Project Structural Engine’s name, Postal address and telephone number. Project Mechanical Engineer and Services Engineer’s name, Postal address and telephone number. Project Electrical Engineer’s name, Postal address and telephone number. Project Main Contractor’s name, Postal address and telephone number.
  • Particulars of the Architect collecting the Logo: Project Architect, Firm stamp, signature and date.
  • Particulars of the Quantity Surveyor collecting the Logo: Project QS, Firm stamp, signature and date.




Form must be accompanied with the following documents:

  • Copies of Agreement (relevant pages, i.e cover page, names of parties, scope of job, professional fees and signatory page) between Architect & Client/ Contractor, Quantity Surveyor & Architect/ Client/Contractor/Project Manager
  • Copies of Architectural Drawings, as approved by Local Government, especially Site layout, Ground Floor plan, Typical floor plan, Section and General elevation
  • Copy of building permit, corresponding to the drawings.
  • Letter of Consent from Authors of Drawings (for cases of Post Contract services)
  • Copies of relevant pages of the Bills of Quantities i.e cover page, preliminary section, describing project and parties involved and general summary


All building construction sites whether taking place in planned or unplanned area shall have a signboard. The signboard shall be erected as part of preliminaries or preparation for construction work, but in any case before the main construction work is started. The signboard shall be positioned in a prominent position within the site, near the boundaries or adjacent to the site main gate and it shall be clearly visible to the public.

Where there is a signboard but wrongly positioned, it would lead to a prescribed penalty per day for the whole period it has it has remained inthe wrong position. Such penalty to be levied to both the project Architect and Quality surveyor separately, and payable to the booard. Where there is no signboard at the construction site, prescribed penalty for none position of thee same for the entire period it remainsmissing, shall be levied to the project owner, client, financier or developer aas the case may be and payable to the Board.

The signboard shall remain in position until the constructionwork is completed or until the construction activities have ceased to take place. In either case, the signboard shall be demounted within the period of 30 days from the date practical completion or from date of cessation of construction activities. Construction will be considered to have ceased to take place if for a continuos period of 60 days no construction work is done on site.



  • Project name and owner, This shall be wwritten using 100mm Helvetical Medium letters written in white on black background.
  • Planning consent and building permit numbers. These shall be written in 25mm black letters on blue background. Where the the signboard does note contain these information it shall attract a prescribed penalty to be borne by the project owner, deloveloper, financier, architect, quantity surveyor and contractor, all parties charged separately and payable the Board.
  • Names of consultants and contractors involved in the project. This shall be written in black on white background using helvetical, medium letters. The consultant’s title shall be in 50mmm letters and the consultants name shall be in 75mm letters. The order of appearance shall be-
    • Architect
    • Project Manager (IF appoint)
    • Structural Engineer
    • Quantity Surveyor
    • Mechanical Engineer
    • Electrical Engineer
    • Other consultants, if any
    • Main contractor
    • Specialist Sub-contractors, if any
  • Individual company logos where preferred may may appear on the right hand side of the company name. All signboards shall have the Architects and Quantity surveyors Registration Board logo, appearing on the left hand side of the name of Architectral and Quantity Surveying firms involved in project.A valid Board’s logo shall be only that which has been issued from the Board, the disregard of which shall attract a prescribed penalty.

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