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Born out of a sense that advice to the aid and development community could be simpler, clearer and stripped of the consultant-speak, we started our own agency. Based on our experience and rooted in science, we do a few things well:

Our experts have worked extensively in all domains of aid and development aid and they are knowledgeable about almost every topic under the sun. But we only apply that knowledge to assist with social research, for designing science-based monitoring or evaluation projects or for strategic communications and on projects we believe in.

We love doing research. It is often difficult, hard work. Tedious sometimes, but never boring. It feeds our curiosity; it allows us to learn, to think about life, about the human condition, about resilience and learning,… as a result, we find that we are always learning, which is an exciting outcome of the job.

Research is also a two-way street: it changes us too. We are constantly challenged, as we are exposed to new ideas and viewpoints, which has caused us to see things differently and to change our perspectives!

Research helps us to build traits and characteristics like independent thinking, resilience, communication, and creativity. All things we can bring into other aspects of our work.

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