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Bioversity International is a global research-for-development organization that delivers scientific evidence, management practices and policy options to use and safeguard agricultural biodiversity to attain global food and nutrition security, working with partners in low-income countries in different regions where agricultural biodiversity can contribute to improved nutrition, resilience, productivity and climate change adaptation.

Bioversity International is a member of the CGIAR, a global research partnership for a food-secure future.

The organization is highly decentralized, with about 300 staff working around the world. Its headquarters are in Rome’s Maccarese borough, Italy, with regional offices located in Central and South America, West and Central Africa, East and Southern Africa, Central and South Asia, and South-east Asia.

In 2019, Bioversity International joined with the International Center for Tropical Agriculture (as the Alliance of Bioversity International and CIAT) to “deliver research-based solutions that harness agricultural biodiversity and sustainably transform food systems to improve people’s lives”.

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