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DSE - Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange (DSE) - Tanzania


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DSE - Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange (DSE) - Tanzania

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The DSE (soko la hisa dsm (dse))  is a non-profit making body created to facilitate the Government implementation of the reforms and in the future to encourage wider share ownership of privatized and all the companies in Tanzania. The trading days are weekly from Monday to Friday starting from 10.00 am to 12.00 noon. The securities currently being traded are Ordinary Shares of 14 listed companies, 5 corporate bonds and 8 Government of Tanzania bonds.The DSE membership consists of Licensed Dealing Members (LDMs) and Associate Members. LDMs are allowed access to the trading floor.Associate members are institutions and companies which support the DSE. StructureThe DSE is governed by a Governing Council, which consists of 10 members drawn from various interested groups in the society. These are: Three Licensed Dealing Members;Two Associate members representing listed companies; One Associate member representi

Business Address
Ilala, Kivukoni Dar Es Salaam Twiga Building 4th Floor Samora Avenue
History Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange (DSE)
1996 – Incorporation of the Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange and approval of Stock Exchange Rules
1997 – Publication of Collective Investment Scheme Regulations
1998 – Start of operations of the DSE with the first privatization and listing of state owned entity
1999 – Installation of the Central Depository System at the Exchange and Listing of the first corporate debt
1999 – Issuance of Guidelines for the Issue of Corporate Bonds
2002 – Listing and start of trading of Treasury Bonds at the Exchange
2004 – Cross listing of the first foreign company and the listing of the first airline company
2006 – Deployment of Automated Trading System linked with a new three tier Central Depository System
2008 – Listing of the first commercial bank
2011 – Listing of the first mining company
2011 – Publication of Regulations to govern introduction of Real Estates Investment Trusts
2013 – Migration to the new efficient Automated Trading System and Central Depository System
2013 – Launching of the second tier market: EGM – Enterprise Growth Market (EGM)
2013 – Listing of the first company on EGM
2014 – Deployment of ATS on the Wide Area Network and start of remote trading by brokers
2014 – Uplifting of Foreign Investors Limits Regulations
2015 – Introduction of the regulatory framework and subsequent use of mobile phone technology in IPOs (Equity and Debt) and Secondary Trading
2015 – DSE Demutualization and Re-incorporation into a Public Limited Company
2016 – DSE IPO and Self-Listing
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