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Eastern & Southern Africa Farmers’ Forum (ESAFF) Jobs in Tanzania.


The Eastern and Southern Africa small-scale Farmers Forum (ESAFF) is a network of grassroots small scale farmers’ organizations working in 15 countries of Eastern and Southern Africa (ESA) region. The movement which started in 2002 during the World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD) in Johannesburg – South Africa is a small scale farmer initiated, farmer led and farmer owned.
ESAFF, a fully operational since April 2009, is registered in Tanzania under Non-Governmental Organizations Act 2002 of the United Republic of Tanzania since 27 August 2007 with registration number 00NGO/1097. The secretariat of ESAFF is in Morogoro – Tanzania and is led by the Coordinator who reports to the Regional Board.
Tanzania – National Network of Small Scale Farmers’ Groups in Tanzania (MVIWATA)
P.O Box 3220, Morogoro, Tanzania. Fax +255-23-2614184
E-mail: [email protected]
Cell: +255-715976585
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