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Feza Boys` and High School was inaugurated 2001 by Ishik Education and Medical Foundation and started with 8 students. After short time , it became one of the most preferred school in Tanzania. Nowadays it provides quality education for 395 students in 24 stream.

  • Our Vision:To maintain high level of academic performance.
  • Our Criterias: Quality,Modernism,reliability, originality and team work.
  • Our Education: Feza Boys` and High School is an English medium school and teaches Math’s, Science, English, Kswahili,Social Studies and Physical Education according to the Tanzanian Curriculum and also offers Turkish Language as a subject.
  • Our Goals: To grow up enlightened, humanitarian,peaceful and patriot generations who loves human being and targets lofty goals.
  • Facilities: Feza Boys` and High School offers visual and computer based education ( Information and Communication Technology – ICT ) with field trips.In addition to this it provides nutritious breakfast and school transport.
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