Lay Volunteers International Association (LVIA)

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LVIA is an Italian NGO operating in Dodoma region. The organization is based in Kongwa town and implements activities across the Kongwa, Chamwino & Bahi districts.


LVIA – Lay Volunteers International Association – is an Italian association which deals with international solidarity and cooperation, committed to fostering ways of local and global change to overcome extreme poverty, reinforce equitable and sustainable development and enhance dialogue between Italian and African communities.

LVIA was founded in 1966, inspired by the reformist thrust of the Second Vatican Council and the values of justice and peace. Since then, LVIA has been professionally committed to promoting principles of common good and active and responsible citizenship.

LVIA is active in 10 African countries and in 50 years, in collaboration with international and local partners and with the backing of thousands of supporters, it has ensured water, healthcare and food, improved family agriculture and natural resource management, strengthened small businesses, improved the quality of the environment, and has supported the inclusion and social innovation for the benefit of millions of people.

During humanitarian crises, LVIA has tackled emergencies to safeguard the lives and dignity of the people and has worked towards enhancing the ability of the peoples and local institutions in addressing the crises.

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