Marzia Golden Manor

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Our Grandmother’s name was Marzia – she was well known in the small town of Singida for being one of the kindest, most generous and caring people. If an unexpected guest were to come home, they would always find a home cooked meal and a place to sleep. So it was only natural for the children’s home to be named after her.



The Founder of the Children’s Home has companies with ‘Golden’ in each company name. So following the same theme, Golden was added to the name. It is also fitting as we want all our children to have a heart of Gold.



Manor: A Manor house is a country house, which historically formed the administrative centre of a manor. A Manor is known for its large halls and ability to feed and entertain a large audience- so too do we wish to do the same. A Manor also has a historical place, we too wish that this children’s home will exist for a very long time.

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