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Organization for Community Development (OCODE) is a grassroots national nongovernmental organization that works to improve lives of less privileged Tanzanians. It was established in 1999, registered in 2003 under the Society Ordinance Act of 1954 and complied with the NGO Act of 2002 in March 2011. The current OCODE’s focus is on supporting and facilitating communities realize quality basic education for children, improve community livelihood and youth empowerment. OCODE in partnership with Stromme Foundation is implementing a twelve-month cycle BONGA Project that empowers out of school adolescents aged 13-19 years who, due to various reasons, did not progress in the formal education system. The project enables the girls/boys to become productive and respected members of the society as opposed to being considered burden to their families when they remain vulnerable in the streets.

The project targets girls/boys who did not make it to secondary schools, those who drop out of school due to early pregnancy, marriage and other difficult life circumstances. The first six months of the cycle are used for training the girls/boys on important life skills and matters that build their confidence and self-esteem. The last four months are used for vocational skills training based on each adolescents preference after undergoing selection, planning and management training. At the end of the cycle, the girls/boys are provided with startup kits to start income generating activities based on the vocational skills they undertook. The life skills and vocational skills training enable the girls to be knowledgeable, skillful and employable.

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