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SolidarMed is the Swiss organisation for health in Africa and improves health care for 1.5 million people in Lesotho, Moçambique, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe. SolidarMed strengthens and expands existing medical services sustainably and meaningfully. SolidarMed concentrates on five thematic focal areas:


SolidarMed creates access to basic health care for all people and thus enables the right to dignity, self-determination and health.

Solidarity and partnership are at the heart of all of our activities. We strive for social balance and promote self-determined development. SolidarMed behaves fairly, transparently and respectfully towards the local population, donors, partners and its employees. Professional competence, experience, trust and credibility form the basis of our work.


SolidarMed in Tanzania

SolidarMed improves the quality of health centres and hospitals in four rural districts in the south and north of the country. To this end, we train the staff, provide the necessary equipment and make targeted investments in the infrastructure of health facilities. This means that even in remote, rural areas, women can give birth under medical supervision. This considerably reduces the risk of mothers and their newborns dying as a result of childbirth complications.

Nursing staff training

Thanks to SolidarMed, the two nursing schools in Lugala and Ifakara meet national requirements. Every year, they train the nurses that Tanzania so urgently needs. SolidarMed provides the practical trainers with the knowledge they need to train their young colleagues. This improves the quality of the training, which ultimately also benefits the patients.

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