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WASSHA Incorporation


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WASSHA Incorporation

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WASSHA Incorporation; provides the rental device and charging service using clean energy. Our mission is to provide power to the people through Kiosks. WASSHA provides a whole new experience for people in off-grid areas with affordable, accessible and safe electricity. WASSHA agents provide the rental and charging services to end user. We use the environment friendly energy and agents don’t need to prepare initial investment to get enough power as we lease every device.


How to achieve our mission

We provide the rental device and charging service using clean energy. WASSHA lends all devices to start WASSHA business. Remote management and monitoration of every operation made possible with our innovative technology, so that we can check every transactions like sales, customer information, and power generation.
We are looking for business partners to expand WASSHA to off-grid areas!


Derm plaza 4F, Plot 18, Block45A,
New Bagamoyo Road, Kijitonyama,
Dar es Salaam, P.O.Box.33452, TANZANIA

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