Does Body Language Also Matter During The Interview

Study well and get yourself ready is very necessary to qualify for an interview. Whatever you speak and converse with the interviewer is only one part and the rest comes from what your body speaks. You are judged in the first few seconds as soon as you enter in the room and this impression comes from your body language. Today here we are going to discuss the importance of Body Language during the Interview.


Mostly, interviewers think candidates who slouch are annoyed or arrogant and decide to reject them in just a few seconds. But, the question here arises is, does body language always gives the right impression? The answer is NO! No one can read your mind. Maybe a candidate knows the importance of body language and behaves there to be active and friendly, but, in reality, he may be arrogant to his colleagues. So, Body language is just an idea about a candidate that will be able to adjust in a completely new environment.


Saying A NO To A Question Is Acceptable But The Wrong Body Language Is Not!!


How Does Your Body Speak?


Starting from entering the interview room to how you close the door while leaving the room is all comes in your body language. The way you walk, the way you sit, your hands and legs posture, your face and smile each and everything matters. But, when judging other people’s body language, things get confused often. If a candidate blinks his eyes, this shows that he is nervous. But in actual there might be something irritating his eyes (can be a situation). So, the interviewer analyzes your every body part, to watch your body language before jumping to a conclusion.


Body Posture


  1. Laziness is a Red flag here! Do not slouch.
  2. When you enter the room, walk straight. When you sit on the chair, do not bend. The correct posture is to sit on the edge of the chair and lean forward.
  3. Do not go to Interviewers’ personal space.
  4. Do not lean back, its a negative sign.


Arms Gesture


  1. By your hands and arms gesture, you can express yourself.
  2. Pointing Finger is a red flag! This shows that the candidate is authoritative and leaves the interviewer in doubt about candidates Teamwork capability.
  3. If a candidate touches their face or hair, this shows that he is uncomfortable.
  4. If he rubs his neck, this means the candidate is trying to comfort him.
  5. Crossing arms can mean many things. But, usually, candidates who cross their arms in front of their chest during an interview probably feel insecure and defensive. Most people around the world dislike seeing others crossing their arms because it’s distancing. But it’s a natural reaction when meeting a stranger and it’s a good sign when candidates unfold their arms later during their interview.


Eye Contact


Maintaining eye contact during the interview is a good sign. This shows that you are confident and not hiding anything. This shows that you truly are the way you behave. Eyes too speak and maintain a soul connection. Eye contact is mandatory. It is difficult to trust a person who is watching here and there rather than looking in your eyes. Eye contact is mandatory t make someone trust you.




Mirroring may or may not be good. Whenever we talk to a person we mirror them, like we try to copy their accent and mannerism. For example, if someone is folding their hands in front of you or smiling, you may try to copy them but here is a catch. If you are doing it naturally then it’s fine but if you are doing it intentionally for them it means you are trying to build the rapport.


Nervous Movements


Nervous movements are noticed!! It is very natural to get nervous during an interview but if you are overly nervous then it may be visible in your doings. For example, if you are playing with a pen or shaking voice or blinking too much eye these all are the signs of nervousness.


Some Do’s



1. Enter the Interview room confidently.
2. A firm handshake is impressive.
3. Don’t bend on the chair, Sit straight.4. Maintain eye contact with the interviewing team, especially those who are asking the question.
5. Smile, a little.
6. Your hand movements should be good.
7. Keep your phone on silent mode.
8. Carry a pen with you.


Some Dont’s


1. Overconfidence shuts the game.
2. Do not stare blankly.
3. Do not play with objects like a pen.
4. Do not chew a gum
5. Do not answer a call.
6. Don’t be over-friendly.


Final Verdict


Well, friends! I guess now you have an idea of the role of Body language during an interview. Your hands, arms, legs, posture, facial expressions, eye movements, each and everything matters during an interview. Before moving for an interview, one should learn the importance of Body language during the interview.

I hope the article will be helpful to you. All the best!!

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