GePG Billing System: Complete Overview

Understanding the GePG Billing System

In Tanzania, the Government Electronic Payment Gateway (GePG) is a system designed to facilitate payments to government entities and services through digital channels. This system provides convenience to both the government and citizens by allowing online payments of taxes, fees, fines, and other government services. In this blog post, we’ll provide a complete overview of the GePG Billing System in Tanzania.

GePG Billing System

Key Components of the GePG Billing System

The GePG Billing System offers a wide range of features that allow both government entities and citizens to perform online transactions with ease. The key components of the system include a payment gateway, a core banking system, a revenue collection system, and an e-government portal. All these components work together to ensure that payments are processed securely and efficiently.

How GePG Billing System Works?

The process of making payments through the GePG Billing System is straightforward. An individual or organization can initiate a payment request by selecting the relevant government service on the GePG portal. The system will then prompt the requester to input the payment amount and select a preferred payment method.

The available payment options include mobile money transfer, bank transfer, credit/debit card, and e-wallet. Once the requester selects a payment type and enters the amount, GePG will redirect them to their preferred payment gateway to finalize the transaction. Here is the GePG Billing Url

The Process for Service Providers to Join GePG

If you’re a government entity or service provider in Tanzania and want to offer GePG for payment collection, the process is quite simple. You need to register your organization with GePG and obtain a user account provided by the Ministry of Finance and Planning, specifically the ministry’s GePG department. Once registered, SPs can log in to their accounts and configure their respective billing interfaces, fee structures, payment gateways, and other relevant settings. To join GePG, PSPs must write an application letter to the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Finance and Planning, requesting to join GePG and LUKU. The ministry will then log the request and call for a sensitization session with the PSPs before forwarding the request to the procurement department for processing.

Overview of Payment Types Available in GePG

GePG supports several payment options, including mobile money transfer, Selcom, Mpesa,tigo pesa, airtel money, halopesa, T.pesa, bank transfer ie NMB, CRDB, credit/debit card, and e-wallet. Let’s take a closer look at each payment type.

Differentiating Between Various Payment Types

Mobile money transfer is a popular payment method in Tanzania, which allows customers to pay through their mobile devices. Bank transfer is ideal for individuals or organizations that want to pay through their bank accounts. Credit/debit cards are a convenient option for making online payments, while e-wallets work like a digital purse, allowing users to store money for online transactions.

Exploring the Available Billing Interfaces used by GePG

GePG has several billing interfaces that allow government entities and service providers to customize their billing experience to meet their unique needs. These interfaces include a web portal, API, mobile application, SMS gateway, and the gepg system. All these interfaces can be used to perform various billing functions, ranging from customer registration to payment collection and integration with the gepg system.

Can the Billing Interfaces be Customized?

Yes, GePG allows users to customize their billing interfaces based on their preferences. For instance, service providers can customize their web portal by adding their logos, branding colors, and other visual elements. Similarly, users can configure their billing interfaces to meet their unique requirements, such as adding specific payment options or adjusting fees and charges.


The GePG Billing System is a revolutionary payment solution that has transformed the way government services are paid for in Tanzania. It offers an efficient, secure, and convenient way for citizens to pay for government services. The system is easy to use, and with a wide range of payment options available, users can choose a mode of payment that suits their preferences. With the GePG Billing System, government entities can collect payments smoothly, reduce the errors associated with manual collection, and offer a better customer experience.