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HESLB Guidelines and Criteria in Tanzania

The quest for higher education is a significant milestone in every student’s life. In Tanzania, the Higher Education Students’ Loans Board (HESLB) provides crucial financial support for students striving to reach this milestone. A central resource in this process is the HESLB Guide Book. In this post, we’ll explore this vital tool in-depth, providing you with an extensive guide to navigate Tanzania’s higher education funding system.

Table of Contents

To fully appreciate the utility of the HESLB Guide Book, it’s essential to understand the role of the Higher Education Students’ Loans Board (HESLB) itself. HESLB is committed to ensuring that deserving Tanzanian students can pursue higher education by providing much-needed loans and grants. It is a significant reflection of the Tanzanian government’s commitment to promoting education and human capital development. For a comprehensive overview of HESLB and its functions, visit their official website.


HESLB Guide Book

The HESLB Guide Book serves as the comprehensive manual to guide students through the process of accessing and managing their higher education funding. This resource is invaluable in offering a clear understanding of how to apply for loans, eligibility criteria, repayment methods, and other related details.

A Closer Look at the HESLB Guide Book

The HESLB Guide Book can seem overwhelming due to its comprehensive nature, but it’s easier to navigate once you break it down. Here are the main sections to focus on:

  1. Eligibility Criteria: This section details who can apply for loans, focusing on factors like academic qualifications, financial need, and course of study.
  2. Application Process: Here, you’ll find step-by-step instructions on how to apply for a loan, complete with required documents and how to submit your application.
  3. Loan Allocation: This section explains how the loan amount is determined, what costs it covers, and when and how it is disbursed.
  4. Repayment: The repayment section provides a detailed breakdown of when and how to start repaying the loan.



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