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HESLB for Masters ( Postgraduate Students )

13.2Postgraduate students admitted at Law School of Tanzania (LASCOT) Students

Law School students who are eligible for loans in the 2017/2018 academic year must meet the following conditions:

Must fulfil the General Eligibility Criteria set in Section 3.2 above.

In addition to the General Eligibility Criteria set in Section 3.2 above, applicants must fulfil eligibility criteria specific to the Postgraduate applicants at Law School of Tanzania (LASCOT) which are: –

(i)Must have graduated LLB Degree not more than three years back (i.e. from 2014 to 2016);

(ii)Loans will be issued ONLY to the NEEDY Applicants based on Means Test Results;

(iii)In case the applicant is a previous loans beneficiary whose loan has matured, he/she must have paid all due instalments.

Loans for Law School students may be issued to cover either partially or fully, the following items:

(i)Books and Stationery expense;

(ii)Tuition Fees

13.3Applicable rates for Postgraduate Students

13.3.1Meals and Accommodation

The Board may provide loans for Meals and Accommodation at the rate of Tzs10,000 per day while on campus for theoretical instructions or in field for data collection.

13.3.2Books and Stationery expenses

A maximum of Tzs 500,000.00 per annum for Books and Stationery may be granted to eligible students persuing Masters and PHD. A maximum of Tzs 200,000.00 per annum for Books may be granted to Postgraduate students admitted at Law School of Tanzania.

13.3.3Tuition Fee

HESLB may provide tuition fee loans at 100% rate based on the rates charged by the respective Higher Learning Institution. With exception of the Law School of Tanzania (LASCOT).


13.3.4Research expenses

HESLB may provide loans at 100% rate for Research expenses in all fields , based on the rates applicable at HEI as may be endorsed from time to time . Applicable rates include a maximum of Tzs 2,000,000 per annual for Master Degree program and a maximum of Tzs 5,000,000 per annum for a Phd Degree programme.

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