How Much It Costs to Post a Job on Mabumbe for Recruitment Agencies

Posting jobs in the newspaper classified section has gone the way of the VCR. In order to truly stay competitive in the race for top talent, nearly all businesses need to invest in online job advertising. Of course, budgets will vary widely from company to company, and it’s not always easy to find information about pricing online. So if you’re wondering how much it costs to post a job online, don’t worry – we’re here to help!

We’ve compiled some facts and figures about how much it costs to post a job on different platforms, as well as a few different things you should keep in mind before you buy. Check it out below!



What to Consider Before Posting a Job Ad

If you’re used to paying an external recruiter upwards of $20k per hire, it may seem like a no-brainer to spend a couple of hundred dollars to post a job online. Recognize, however, that with over 40,000 job boards online that come and go on a daily basis, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure your investment is well spent.

Traffic: How much traffic is the site you’re considering currently seeing each month? It doesn’t matter how inexpensive a job posting is if no one ever sees it. Find out how many million users are searching for jobs on their site and whether their traffic is growing quickly or slowly declining.

Candidate Quality & Demographic: No one’s interested in sifting through hundreds or thousands of resumes if none of them even warrant a phone screen. Quality candidates are what you’re looking for, so it’s important you’re advertising in the right place. Make sure to evaluate the demographics of the job seekers on the site you’re advertising on. Are they highly educated, or blue collar professionals? Active or passive job seekers? Is it a niche job board? Does the site only advertise hourly positions or target seasonal hires?

Pricing Model: Different websites don’t just have different costs – they also have different pricing models. Some websites allow you to post a certain amount of jobs for a set period of time for a flat fee, while others charge on a basis of how many people view or click your job post. One of them is not necessarily better than the other – whichever one is best for your organization will depend on your budget, how many positions you’re hiring for and candidate quality, among other factors.

Timing Period: How long will your job be posted on their site? Many job boards offer 30 or 60-day terms. Are you tied to a monthly commitment? Is it up to you to track when your listings expire to ensure they don’t go dark? Or will the listings be auto-renewing every month on your original credit card until you remember to cancel?

How Much It Costs to Post a Job on Mabumbe

Mabumbe offers three primary plans: a Starter subscription, which costs $29 per month for 10 jobs; a Standard subscription, which costs $109 per month for 20 jobs; and a Premium subscription, which costs $199 per month for unlimited jobs.

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