How To Start Your Career In The Education Industry

The education sector is exponentially blooming around the world and today we are here to discuss a career in the education sector in India. In today’s era, education is the most thriving business, undoubtedly with a lot of job opportunities. People often mislead thinking that this sector is only restricted to teaching. But it’s not!


India is the second-largest market in e-learning right after the US. The current value of the Indian education industry was calculated at nearly US $91.7 billion in the year 2018 and the US $101.1 billion in 2019 and the main reason here is digital learning marketing. The government of India is also taking various initiatives to expand the distance education market and the adoption of new techniques to take education to the last mile with M-Learning and E-Learning.


Some Common Myths Related To The Education Sector


  1. Teaching is the only Profession.
  2. It is for women only.
  3. It’s an easy job and not worth.
  4. The education sector does not pay well.
  5. It has no career paths.


What Are The Choices To Do In The Education Sector?


1. Teaching


If you like to Teach you can work in a school or college as a Teacher or Professor. You can join the government or Private Institution based on your choice of work. You can work as a primary or secondary teacher in a school. There are a lot of choices and opportunities are never-ending. Teaching is a respectful job where you have to be patient because you are dealing with the future of the country. In Preschool teaching, the role is to make sure of the developmental goals. A primary school teacher teaches until class 5. Here a single teacher per class is appointed and teaches all the subjects. Conducting field trips and organizing fun activities also comes under the teacher’s role. The secondary school teaches requires teachers with specialized degrees in education. An expert in maths will teach maths only.


Now if I talk about the difference between private and government institutions then I would say Government schools are less demanding with fewer facilities and resources for teachers. The student-teacher ratio is higher. Private schools demand more dedication to better facilities. The average salary of a teacher starts from 2 lac to 5 lac.


2. Career Counselor


Career counselor jobs are in high demand in schools and colleges these days. A job that demands ethics with no misleading. You have to be truthful to the clients and students you are counseling. The same thing is applicable to teachers, aptitude trainers, and other related career options.


3. Special Educator


Special Educators are the Teachers for the children who have some disability. There are certain courses that you have to do in order to become a Special Educator.


4. Private Coaching Institution


Apart from a job-oriented idea, you can open your own institution to teach the students. Here you can help your students to gain some extra knowledge. It is a highly paid business in the education sector if your institution will go well and gain popularity.


5. Online Teaching with flexibility


One more option is Teaching Online. This is the best job for women who are not able to manage out of the home. A very fruitful and good opportunity with ease and comfort. There are many startups that deal with this. You can simply register there and get enrolled as a teacher to teach students online. In the digital world, this option is the best.


6. Personal Development coaches


You can be a Personal Development Coach in school, college, institution or you can open your own institute of personal development coaching. An MBA, or master in personal development can take the lead.


7. Startups


Last but not least, Education is an ever-evolving industry. The most famous example here is Byju’s. A small startup is now leading in India in education. What do these startups do? They provide study material, coaching, help the students to solve the problems and understand the problems in better ways. The other example of startups is Exams Dekho, help students pick their future paths. These startups often have openings for developers, sales and marketers. If you have new ideas, you could always start your own.




Education Industry career is never-ending because success is based on education. If there is no education, there will be no development in the world and hence everything will still. There are a lot of opportunities in the Education Sector as I have discussed above.

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