Consultancy at Danmission July, 2024

Consultancy To Undertake A Baseline Study For Danmission’s Change-Based Results Framework

Introduction and Purpose

Danmission is preparing to launch a new change-based Results Framework (RF) that maps societal actors and their potential behavior changes, represented by qualitative outcome indicators. The RF also includes quantitative indicators with a baseline of zero. The Global Results Framework (GRF) is timeless and doesn’t require a baseline or targets, while the country RFs, set for four years, do. The baseline study for the new RF is performance-based, focusing on the current behavior of selected societal actors in Tanzania for each dimension established in the GRF. This will primarily inform future monitoring and evaluation, allowing progress tracking at the outcome level and facilitating informed decision-making during social interventions. The RF and its baseline are tied to the intermediate objectives of Danmission’s work at the outcome level, not the impact level, providing qualitative data on the status specific to Danmission’s country programmes before interventions. Evidence is referenced from program documents and assessment interviews. The consultant is expected to travel to Oar es Salaam, Pemba, Zanzibar, Pwani, Kagera (Karagwe), Mwanza, Shinyanga, Simiyu, Arusha, Mara, and Tanga Regions in Tanzania.


The methodology involves gathering secondary data, not from direct observations, but from third-party accounts, project documents, and assessments made by selected sources such as Danmission’s Programme Managers (PMs) and knowledgeable individuals. The data will be collected through interviews with these sources. The consultant will interview the Danmission PMs to get their immediate assessment of the societal actors’ current behavior using the Country Results framework and identify the most relevant partners for further interviews. The selected partners will then be interviewed to get their assessment and justification of the societal actors’ behavior. Finally, the consultant will conduct the final assessment and compile a short

justification for each behavior assessed.

Expected Output and Deliverables:

Upon signing the contract, the consultant(s) are expected to deliver on the following: (i) Inception Report: It should cover the consultant’s understanding of the TOR, the general approach to the assignment, the methodology (approach, teams, personnel, coordination) as well as a tentative work plan and budget.(ii)Draft Report: should coverall areas provided in section 3 in the TORs (iii) Final Document and Submission:

The following qualifications are required:

The consultant should be fluent in both Swahili and English, and have experience with conducting qualitative baseline studies, qualitative data collection including interviews, and Monitoring & Evaluation. Experience with behavior-focused M&E methodologies is preferred. The consultant will preferably be based in Tanzania.

Application and inquiries

  • To apply, candidates must submit a CV, a technical proposal, a financial proposal, a cover letter, and an example of a baseline study.
  • Interested applicants may get the detailed Terms of Reference (ToR) and specifications through an inquiry to the following email [email protected]
  • The deadline for applications is the 28th of July 2024. Submission of proposals should be made to [email protected]
  • Danmission reserves the right to accept or reject any or all the applications without assigning any reason thereof. Late applications shall not be accepted for evaluation irrespective of the circumstance.
  • Danmission has a principle of zero-tolerance for fraud and corruption, if you encounter such an incident, report it by sending an email to [email protected]


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