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Consultant Needed Construction Of Marketstalls At Kilombero Market Garden Area



The feeding of humanity, the majority of which now lives in cities worldwide, involves a complex system of ecological, social, and economic relationships. The world community has acknowledged that the human right to food must be progressively realized despite the enormous challenges and inequities that exist in the food systems of both rich and poor countries. The diverse array of present “food systems” is changing rapidly on a global scale and will be transformed even more rapidly as a result of powerful forces. This transformation has become a major issue for debate amongst traditional and non-traditional actors and institutions engaged in agriculture.

Similar to many cities in developing countries, population growth in Arushacity has made access to food a critical issue since the largest proportion of the population depends on the local markets for their food. One of the challenges of the Arusha food system is food safety along the fruits and vegetables value chain. A study commissionedby Rikoltoin 2018highlighted the magnitude of contaminated risks in the fruits and vegetable value chain: 65% of the samples were highly contaminated with pesticide residual, 52% were highly contaminated with biological contaminates such as E.coli and about 74% were highly contaminated by environmental contaminates such as smoke and dust.AII these can be attributed to food safety gaps resulting from poor food production practices, post-harvest handling practices, processing, and storage, transportation, retailing, and handling at market and householdlevels.

Arusha like in other Sub-Saharan cities, face challenges on how fruits and vegetables are produced, transported, sorted, processed, and marketed. Our food markets are characterized by malpractices and poor sanitation brought about mainly by a lack of awareness and poor market infrastructure necessary for food safety. This leads to the risk of our fruits and vegetables to be contaminated with germs, chemicals and other physical materials that render food unsafe for consumption.

For that reason, Rikoltoin collaboration with the Arusha City Council is addressing these challenges of food safety by constructing a small section of the Kilombero market called the garden area with basic infrastructure with the motive of increasing access to healthy, sustainable and nutritious fruits and vegetable for Arusha citizens and create an inclusive linkage with farmers and producers through the participatory food safety system model. Additional activities to reinforce this intervention include:     awareness
campaigns on food safety through media, capacity enhancementof food actors including farmers, food transporters and market vendors

Purpose of the assignment:

To improve the market infrastructure of the Kilombero market Garden Area in collaboration with the Arusha City Council Engineer.

Expected Output:

  • Improved market section with a concrete floor, a corrugated shed and smart stalls for selling fruits and vegetables. This structure should be movable in case the Government rehabilitates the market structure in the future

Ultimate Outcomes:

  • An increased number of mainstream consumers having access to healthy, sustainable, and nutritious diets.
  • Effective market linkages along the fruits and vegetable value chain through the PFSS model
  • Enhanced product traceability from the point of origin to ensure food safety.
  • Enhanced knowledge of food safety practices from farm to fork especially among the mainstream consumers
  • An enabling environment at the market to ensure the supply of safe and quality products through the selected smart stalls.


Interested candidates should submit a detailed technical proposal that clearly shows: an understanding of the ToR, a proposed design for the market improvement and work plan with clear timelines, experience, and understanding of Tanzania’s local market structures, and experience in similar assignments. Additionally, a financial proposal should be submitted containing costs in Tanzanian Shillings of the assignment(breakdown). The proposed budget will form the basis for the negotiation of the final budget which will form part of the Agreement of Cooperation.

Note: The available budget for the project is TZS. 95,000,000

Submission the proposal

Interested firms/ individuals are expected to submit a detailed proposal via email at [email protected] by 27th July 2024, 5pm.

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