Monitoring and Evaluation Officer at HIMSO October, 2019

Details of the Assignment HIMSO is seeking an experienced Monitoring and Evaluation Officer to undertake the assignment of monitoring and evaluation on the project ‘Promotion of collaborative Emergency Transport System and Community Health Fund in the regions of Songwe and Mbeya’. This assignment is a part time assignment for the period of up to November 30th 2021.


Job Description

About the Company

The Health and Insurance Management Services Organization (HIMSO) is a local Tanzanian Non-Government Organization established and registered in 2012 to complement the

government’s efforts in providing comprehensive quality health care coverage to the needy population.

HIMSO aims to drive healthcare enhancement interventions as well as provide technical expertise for the development of social protection innovations, particularly micro-health

insurance through Public Private Partnership. HIMSO was formed with the support of CIDR (Centre for International Development and Research), a French based International NGO,

which has promoted from 2002 to 2008 Self-Managed Health Insurance Schemes (SMHIS) in Mbozi and Kyela involving Community Health Fund Users Associations (CHFuA). Currently, HIMSO is providing technical support to Songwe region for the professional management of the Improved Community Health Fund (iCHF). HIMSO is also implementing the Emergency Transport System (ETS, Dharura Fasta) in Busokelo, Rungwe (Mbeya region), Mbozi and soon in Ileje (Songwe region).

About the Project

The promotion of collaborative Emergency Transport System and Community Health Fund is the name of project implemented by HIMSO in Songwe and Mbeya regions since December

2018. The project has two components;

i. Implementation of the Improved CHF in Songwe region

This component is implemented in all five councils of Songwe region (Mbozi, Momba, Ileje, Songwe and Tunduma). HIMSO is providing technical and financial support to Songwe region for the implementation of iCHF. This is done through trainings, periodic technical meetings with district and regional iCHF officials, surveys aiming at understanding the reasons behind iCHF performance in Songwe region.

ii. Implementation of the second phase of the Emergency Transport System (also known as Dharura Fasta)

This component is implemented in the districts of Busokelo and Rungwe in Mbeya region and the districts of Mbozi and Ileje in Songwe region. Through Dharura Fasta, members gain access to emergency evacuation during a medical emergency. Dharura Fasta operates as a micro insurance product.

Details of the Assignment

HIMSO is seeking an experienced Monitoring and Evaluation Officer to undertake the assignment of monitoring and evaluation on the project ‘Promotion of collaborative Emergency Transport System and Community Health Fund in the regions of Songwe and Mbeya’. This assignment is a part time assignment for the period of up to November 30th 2021.


The successful candidate will be required to:

  • Develop the log frame and result matrix for the project
  • Develop the monitoring and evaluation plans of the project
  • Formulate a set of relevant, simple and straightforward indicators to monitor the project outputs and activities, through establishing of M&E system;
  • Establish an effective data collection system and reporting forms for capturing quantitative and qualitative information
  • Based on the relevant indicators, design baseline socioeconomic surveys to avoid collecting redundant information
  • Identify sources of data verification that the project can use
  • Establish an operational manual of monitoring and evaluation system that includes the above and guides the project team in processing and evaluating the information
  • Implement the established M&E system during the remaining life cycle of the project
  • Analyse the data in the Dharura Fasta platform and produce monthly, quarterly, bi-annual and annual reports
  • Do a quarterly field visit and develop and share report of the visit with management

Qualification of M & E

  • The applicant must have a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree in the fields Economics, Statistics, Actuarial or Mathematics
  • Minimum of 5 years working experience preferably in M&E
  • Demonstrated experience in data analysis
  • Competence in qualitative and quantitative study design and implementation
  • Extensive experience with monitoring program implementation using qualitative and quantitative approaches
  • Experience in developing and coordinating data collection processing and analysis and report writing.
  • Experience working with non-profit projects/organizations is an added advantage




Landline +250 252500887

Mode of Application

Qualified and interested candidates should send their applications by email or mail to the undersigned:

Executive Director,


P. O. Box 2827


Email: [email protected], with copies to [email protected] and [email protected]

All applications must be received not later than 1st November 2019

In case of any queries concerning this call, you can contact us through email addresses provided above.

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