RFQ For New Office Partition And Current Office Demolition at (USAID T-MELA July, 2024


 Number: RFQ TZ-RFP-24-001

Offer Basis: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

IBI, acting for the Tanzania Monitoring, Evaluation, Learning, and Adaptation Activity (USAID T-MELA), is soliciting offers for the supply of office space partition – demolition (remove from pre-existing office for reinstallation) and installation described in the attached Technical Specifications Sheets and Bill of Quantities (BOQ). The USAID T-MELA, Project is an official project of the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID Contract No. 7200AA20D000026 / 72062123F00001) and is being carried out in Tanzania.

Please submit your offer for the materials and services described in the attached Technical Specifications and outlined in the BOQ and Office Space Blueprint Layout in accordance with the Instructions to Offerors and Terms of Contract of this RFQ.

This RFQ includes the following sections:

  1. Instructions to Offerors
  2. Technical Specifications Sheet
  3. Commodity Schedule
  4. Offeror’s Summary Sheet
  5. Relevant AID Geographic Codes
  6. Bill of Quantities (BOQ) for new office space
  7. Blueprint Layout for new
  8. Blueprint Layout for current office space

All correspondence and/or inquiries regarding this Request for Quotation must reference the above RFQ number and be directed to the attention of the undersigned.


Emailed offers must be received no later than 17:00 Tanzania local time on July 17, 2024, to the email addresses provided below. Late offers will be considered at the discretion of the Agent. Submission of quotation is not automatic qualification for contract award. 


Offers may be submitted in hard copy (preferred) or electronically. All electronic copies must be emailed to [email protected].  Hard copies may be submitted to Mlimani City Office Park, Block No. 6 – Sum Nujoma Road – Ubungo, Dar es Salaam, but electronic submission are preferred. 


The following required documents comprise the offer:

  1. Specifications Sheet
  2. Commodity Schedule
  3. Offeror’s Summary Sheet
  4. Company Information and Past Performance

A complete offer must include all of the above.


All goods and services supplied under this order must meet USAID Geographic Code 935 (United States, the recipient country, and developing countries other than advanced developing countries, and excluding prohibited sources. Offerors are requested to specify the geographic location in which the ITEM was manufactured. 

Further all items pertaining to IT must comply with US Governments Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) section 889(a)(1)(B).


Specific brands and/or models indicated, while often preferred, are for description only. An equivalent substitute, as determined by the literature, will be acceptable. 


Offerors may respond to all, or part, of the request for Office Space Partitions – uninstallation and installation as described in the attached Technical Specifications Sheets. 

Prices must be quoted on a lump-sum, all-inclusive basis. Any taxes or fees are not to be added later. Note that all offers should be based on duty free prices, as per the U.S.- Tanzania bilateral agreement. Offers must show unit prices, extensions, and total price. All items, services, spare parts, etc. must be clearly labeled and included in the total price. Quotations must be a fixed price, expressed in U.S. dollars. 

Quotations should be valid for 60 days.

RFQ/Tender Information and Attachments

For comprehensive information regarding this RFQ/tender, we invite you to download the attachments provided below. These documents contain all the necessary details, including specifications, requirements, and submission guidelines. Please review them carefully to ensure you have all the pertinent information needed to participate.

Deadline for submission: 17:00 Tanzania local time on July 17, 2024.

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