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Senior Operations Assistant-Field Support at IOM November, 2022

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Vacancy Notice IOM/KSU/019/2022
 Position title  Senior Operations Assistant-Field Support (1 position)
Position grade G6
Duty station Kasulu/Makere, United Republic of Tanzania
Type of Appointment & Durations One Year Fixed-Term Contract with possibility of extension
Job family Operations
Organizational unit Movement Operations
Position rated on N/A
Reports directly to National Associate Movement Operations Officer
Overall   supervision   by Movement Operations Manager

Since the inception of IOM in 1951, Movement Operations have been and continue to be a fundamental pillar of the Organization’s work. The organized movement of persons in need of international migration assistance is a primary mandate of the Organization and a cornerstone of IOM’s operations. This mandate has resulted in the international transport of more than 15 million migrants and refugees worldwide. Movement Operations departments in various IOM missions, coordinated under the division of Resettlement and Movement Management (RMM) in the Department of Operations and Emergencies (DOE) at IOM’s Geneva Headquarters, are

responsible for all aspects of travel for migrants and refugees under IOM’s auspices, in accordance with the various framework agreements with resettlement and receiving Governments and partners across the spectrum of the Organization’s programmes.




Under the general supervision of the National Associate Movement Operations Officer and the direct supervision of Movement Operations Manager, the Senior Operations Assistant (Field Support) is responsible for supervising movement operations activities in the field, with the following duties and responsibilities:




  1. Coordinate a team of staff members undertaking field activities in an assigned area or areas, such as at an airport, transit center, third-party facility, camp-based operation or sub-office, or in relation to transportation, including supporting staff development processes such as hiring, providing training, assigning duties and giving feedback to staff members on their performance on a regular basis to ensure high quality work and the accurate completion of field support activities.



  1. Coordinate the efficient and effective management of airport services, including care and verification of travel documentation; assistance with airport formalities; escorts for arriving and departing individuals; ensuring individuals with special needs or equipment receive appropriate support; and sending notifications using relevant systems. Schedule daily work for Field Support staff, ensuring adequate coverage for all flight arrivals and departures based on advanced booking notifications (ABNs) and onward movements, and ensure staff have adequate power and IT availability to complete their work. Handle all urgent issues as they occur and process relevant financial paperwork in coordination with IOM management.


  1. Coordinate staff as they assist individuals at transit centers or third-party facilities throughout their stay. Coordinate with National Associate Movement Operations Officer to maintain an organized flow of individuals and their luggage through arrival and departure procedures at the facility; track relevant information regarding flight data and ensure team members are updated on departure times, delays and cancellations; work with staff to ensure luggage and medical checks are organized in an efficient manner; under the supervision of National Associate Movement Operations Officer, create the weekly shift schedule and assign tasks, ensuring coverage is adequate to maintain a safe, secure and clean environment; report regularly to management on long-stayers and other relevant issues, employing creative problem solving as needed to handle problems. In coordination with National Associate Movement Operations Officer, handle financial paperwork.


  1. Coordinate timely and adequate services for meals, snacks and water for individual staying at Transit Centers, third-party facilities or during transit in airports and other locations, ensuring staff members work closely with the service provider to ensure meals are culturally appropriate and to reduce the level of waste while keeping the quality of the food at the highest standard.



  1. Coordinate pre-departure formalities including but not limited to travel loans, luggage, prohibited items, bag tags and clothing/shoes. Schedule and supervise daily discussions with individuals staying in facilities on cleanliness, litter and hygiene. Ensure all posters and informational messages are up-to-date and placed in visible locations.


  1. Provide oversight at transit centers and third-party facilities for extended periods of up to 12 hours and during overnight periods, ensuring the needs of individuals are met throughout their stay. Communicate promptly with third-party facility representatives and/or management if issues arise.





7.     Supervise the coordination of transportation from consolidation points, transit centers and third-party facilities, including liaising with service providers, supervising staff as they ensure the identity verification, readiness and organization of individuals being transported, and preparing and supervising relevant briefings. Ensure baggage sorting, tagging and handling is done appropriately and that staff members arrange for individuals to be escorted on transportation as needed. Ensure persons with special needs are provided with appropriate services and report any issues to supervisors immediately.


8.     Coordinate selection mission support, exit permit support and/or interpretation services for individuals at the airport, in transit centers, camps, consolidation points and third-party facilities or during transport by air, ground or water.


9.     Under the close supervision of National Associate Movement Operations Officer, liaise as needed with other Teams and Units in IOM Tanzania and with external partners such as airport and government authorities, relevant embassies, and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). Provide regular feedback on work being accomplished to the National Associate Movement Operations Officer and keep supervisors immediately informed of any issues that arise.


10.  Train Field Support Team members as needed to manage their work, conduct quality assurance, and to monitor and guide other Field Support staff members and activities efficiently and effectively.


11.  Alert National Associate Movement Operations Officer or management of any non-compliance to SOPs or codes of conduct by IOM staff members or partners.


12.  Perform such other duties as may be assigned.


•       Six years of working experience with secondary [high school] education in related field.

•       Four years of working experience with Bachelor’s degree in related field.


•       Prior Movement Operations, transportation-related and/or management experience a strong advantage.

•       Strong computer skills – Word, Excel, and Internet.


(specify the required knowledge)

Thorough knowledge of English and Kiswahili. English and Kiswahili
The incumbent  is  expected to demonstrate the following  technical  and behavioural competencies.



•       Accepts and gives constructive criticism

•       Follows all relevant procedures, processes, and policies

•       Meets deadline, cost, and quality requirements for outputs

•       Monitors own work to correct errors

•       Takes responsibility for meeting commitments and for any shortcomings

Client Orientation

•       Identifies the immediate and peripheral clients of own work

•       Establishes and maintains effective working relationships with clients

•       Identifies and monitors changes in the needs of clients, including donors, governments, and project beneficiaries

•       Keeps clients informed of developments and setbacks

Continuous Learning

•       Contributes to colleagues’ learning

•       Demonstrates interest in improving relevant skills

•       Demonstrates interest in acquiring skills relevant to other functional areas

•       Keeps abreast of developments in own professional area


•       Actively shares relevant information

•       Clearly communicates, and listens to feedback on, changing priorities and procedures

•       Writes clearly and effectively, adapting wording and style to the intended audience

•       Listens effectively and communicates clearly, adapting delivery to the audience

Creativity and Initiative

•       Actively seeks new ways of improving programmes or services

•       Expands responsibilities while maintaining existing ones

•       Persuades others to consider new ideas

•       Proactively develops new ways to resolve problems



1 Competencies and respective levels should be drawn from the Competency Framework of the Organization.


Leadership and Negotiation.


  • Convinces others to share resources
  • Actively identifies opportunities for and promotes organizational change
  • Presents goals as shared interests
  • Articulates vision to motivate colleagues and follows through with commitments


Performance Management

  • Provides constructive feedback to colleagues
  • Identifies ways for their staff to develop their abilities and careers
  • Provides fair, accurate, timely, and constructive staff evaluations
  • Uses staff evaluations appropriately in recruitment and other relevant HR procedures
  • Holds directly reporting managers accountable for providing fair, accurate, timely, and constructive staff evaluation


Planning and Organizing

  • Sets clear and achievable goals consistent with agreed priorities for self and others
  • Identifies priority activities and assignments for self and others
  • Organizes and documents work to allow for planned and unplanned handovers
  • Identifies risks and makes contingency plans
  • Adjusts priorities and plans to achieve goals
  • Allocates appropriate times and resources for own work and that of team members



  • Masters subject matter related to responsibilities
  • Identifies issues, opportunities, and risks central to responsibilities
  • Incorporates gender-related needs, perspectives, and concerns, and promotes equal gender participation
  • Persistent, calm, and polite in the face of challenges and stress
  • Treats all colleagues with respect and dignity
  • Works effectively with people from different cultures by adapting to relevant cultural contexts
  • Knowledgeable about and promotes IOM core mandate and migration solutions



  • Actively contributes to an effective, collegial, and agreeable team environment
  • Contributes to, and follows team objectives
  • Gives credit where credit is due
  • Seeks input and feedback from others
  • Delegates tasks and responsibilities as appropriate
  • Actively supports and implements final group decisions
  • Takes joint responsibility for team’s work


Technological Awareness

  • Learns about developments in available technology
  • Proactively identifies and advocates for cost-efficient technology solutions
  • Understands applicability and limitation of technology and seeks to apply it to appropriate work


Resource Mobilization

•       Establishes realistic resource requirements to meet IOM needs



•       Delivers on set objectives in hardship situations





Qualified persons with disabilities are encouraged to apply for UN vacancies and are protected from discrimination during all stages of employment.

Females with qualifications are encouraged to apply.

No fees:

IOM does not charge a fee at any stage of its recruitment process (application, interview, processing, training, or other fee). IOM does not request any information related to bank accounts.



Interested candidates should fill in the PH form, submit CV’s and cover letter indicating Vacancy Notice number with 3 professional references and contacts to email address: [email protected]


The vacancy is open for internal candidates Tanzanian national only. Only e-mail applications will be considered.


The deadline for submitting the application is 22 November 2022.

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