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Stock Controller at Diageo March, 2023

Job Description :




Quality Requirement


Controlled and monitored inventory

  • To control and monitor inventory so that customers receive the right quantity and quality materials at the right time
  • Materials are in line with the customer’s and Company requirements, specifications and standards
  • Zero stock losses by implementing appropriate inventory management controls
  • Materials are easily accessible
  • Correct and sufficient stock levels are maintained throughout the year
  • Inventory storage and data are correct and accurate
  • Ensure adherence to monthly and annual stock count routines
  • Ensure full adherence to all relevant controls related to stores management


Analyses and solved situational problems

  • To analyze and solve situational and operational problems so that actions are implemented to prevent reoccurrence.
  • Team members are empowered, encouraged and supported to solve situational/operational problems


Compiled and issued documentation and reports

  • To compile and issue stores documentation and reports (stock availability, stock adjustments, stock take, etc) so that customers can assist in the effective management and control of inventory
  • Information is in line with customer’s needs
  • Information is 100% accurate
  • Documentation/reports are user friendly
  • Documentation/reports are sent out timely


Drafted and updated work instructions

  • To write and update work instructions so that current work instructions are available for training, reference and audit purposes
  • Up to date work instructions are available for all store activities, disposal of waste/material, housekeeping and safety
  • Work instructions are understandable and accurate
  • Work instructions are easily accessible
  • Work instructions are compiled as per Company Standards
  • Store activities are in line with work instructions


Enforced and maintained safe and secure working environment

  • To enforce and maintain safety and housekeeping standards as per company standards so that accidents are minimized
  • Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) standards and practices are enforced equally in respect of all team members
  • Safety reports and checklist are updated as needed
  • Incident statistics and accident reports are accurate


Disposed waste/obsolete material

  • To organize and document disposal of waste and obsolete materials so that sufficient storage space is available, assets are maximized and waste/material losses are minimized
  • Waste and material is disposed of as per work instruction and in an environmentally safe manner
  • Timely disposal of waste and materials


Fast an Accurate Material Retrieval

  • To ensure availability of resources to effect delivery/issuing of materials
  • To ensure issues and receipts are processed timeously
  • To ensure issues and receipts are processed accurately


Supported, guided and coached team members

  • To encourage, assist, support and coach team members so that the team members are capable and competent to achieve and exceed team targets, required performance and future workplace challenges
  • Team members are treated in line with Company values and ethical guidelines
  • Team members are continuously encouraged to actively participate in relevant team activities (e.g. controlling stock losses, goal setting, staffing, problem solving, etc.)
  • Team members are allowed and encouraged to make decisions and to solve problems relevant to their work
  • Ensure effective execution of daily Stores Tier 1 meeting


Communicated operational information

  • To communicate operational information to team members so that team members know, understand, and have access to relevant information to perform work activities effectively
  • Operational information refers to good inventory control practices, operational problems and solutions, monthly stock losses, customer complaints, production requirements, quality issues, EHS issues, new developments, change interventions, absenteeism, etc.
  • Information is understandable, current, clear, visible and accessible to all team members
  • Information is in line with team goals and individual needs


Managed team relationships

  • To manage team relationships so that team relations are healthy and strong to support excellent performance
  • Support is given to team members in respect of personal problems
  • Team members are treated as thinking individuals capable of making unique contributions which are encouraged and recognized
  • Team members feel that they are being heard and understood
  • Team relationships are underpinned by trust
  • Diverse opinions and cultures of team members are being respected
  • Conflicts and disputes are resolved in line with the HR policy and values and ethics


Developed and monitored team goals

  • To develop and monitor team goals against store specific benchmarks so that team members agree on, understand and work towards the same outputs
  • Team goals are developed with team members, quarterly
  • Team goals are in line with Company strategic imperatives, the unit business plan and the team’s input
  • Team goals are monitored daily, weekly and monthly against agreed targets or benchmarks
  • Team takes corrective action in respect of out of line situations
  • Team goals support best inventory control practices


Managed own development and performance

  • To actively develop oneself so that individual and team performance/ productivity is optimized
  • The individual knows what the outputs and context issues are for the Company and how these link to his/her own role model


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