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Mzumbe University admission 2020/2021 / Mzumbe University Application Form | Mzumbe University Online Application form 2020/2021.
Find detailed information about Mzumbe University Online Application 2020/2021 and admission procedure into undergraduate, Masters, Diploma and Certificates programmes. Each semester existing students are required to register for classes for the next semester. The registration is held in the respective college office of students’ Affairs.


Mzumbe University (MU) Online Application 2020/2021. Mzumbe University (MU) has released admission forms for 2020/2021 application by all interested applicants. Udsm Undergraduate Application Forms – Fill Online. Mzumbe University (MU) Undergraduate Admission Forms. The following are all the details regarding Mzumbe University (MU).

The Mzumbe University (MU)  announces for the information of the general public that applications are open for the admission of prospective applicants into various undergraduate programmes for the 2020/2021 academic year. Applicants should take note of the following steps.



Mzumbe University invites applications from qualified Tanzanians and non-Tanzanians for admission into diploma and certificate programmes offered by the University for the academic year 2020/2021.

Mzumbe University offers 7 Diploma and 9 Certificate Programmes for the academic year 2020/21. All Diploma Programmes are offered at Mbeya Campus College except for Diploma in Applied Statistics (DAS) and Diploma in Information Technology (DIT) which are offered at the Main Campus-Morogoro. All Certificate Programmes are offered at the Main Campus-Morogoro except for Certificate in Accountancy (CA) and Certificate in Human Resource Management (CHRM) which are offered at Mbeya Campus College.

Any programme with the code starting with MU is offered at Mzumbe University – Main Campus while a programme with the code MMB is offered at Mzumbe University – Mbeya Campus College.

Application fee: TShs. 10,000.00   (for local applicants)   or USD 20.00 (for international /foreign applicants)

Quick Steps

A. Before you start your Application

  1. Make sure you have a Valid Email Address and Phone Number ( They will be used for issuing feedback on your application status when the admission selection is complete)
  2. Access the link for Online Application and Admission Portal ( provided through ‘ Admission’ button on Mzumbe University Official Website)

B. Registration:

  1. New Applicants – Go to “Online Admission” tab then click on “New applicant click to register”. You Must Register by Creating a User Account (You should Type a User name, A valid email address and a an easy to remember Password then Press a CREATE ACCOUNT Button). You will receive a message “Please check your email to complete the registration process.”
  2. Go to your email and activate the account you created by clicking on the link you received from the Application Portal which reads. “To activate this account, please click the following link”. You will receive a feedback message “Your Account is now activated”.
  3. Click of a Login Link here you will be redirected to the Admission Login Page “ Sign in to your Account” You will be required to enter/write ‘ your ‘ User Name’ and ‘ Password’ then click on ‘ SIGN IN’
  4. Select ‘Entry Mode’ and such as ‘Direct’ and ‘Equivalent’. Specify the Country you attended your A-Level /O-Level, the click “ SAVE AND CONTINUE”

C: APPLICATION COMPLETION STEP: This has Six simple steps.

Step 1: Accept Terms and Conditions: After reading the terms and conditions click to Select ‘I agree to the terms and conditions’ then press “SAVE AND CONTINUE” to see next window. This will take you to step 2.


Step 2: Personal details: Fill in personal details Correctly such as Date of Birth , Sex, Marital status, City/Region, District, Sponsorships, Phone Number and Postal Address. Then Click on ‘SAVE AND CONTINUE’. This will move you to step Number 3 .


Step 3: Make Payment:

At this point you will receive an auto-generated ‘Payment Control Number’ that will be used for payment of your application fee. This number will be used to make payment using any of the following channel:

      1. For tigoPesa

    Follow these steps:

      1. Piga *150*01#
      2. Choose 7: Financial Services
      3. Choose 1: Tigo toBank
      4. Choose 1: CRDB
      5. Choose 1: Reference number
      6. Enter Reference number

**Your Reference number: “Your Payment Control Number” Starts with,  99418XXXXXXX

      1. Enter Amount: 10000 au 30000 (for Masters)
      2. Your Password

      1. For Mpesa

    Follow these steps:

      1. Piga *150*00#
      2. Choose 1: Send Money
      3. Choose 4: Kwenda Benki
      4. Choose 1: CRDB
      5. Choose 1: weka Account Number
      6. Kisha: Ingiza namba ya malipo

**Namba ya malipo: “Your Payment Control Number” Starts with,  99418XXXXXXX

      1. Amount: 10000 au 30000 (for Masters)
      2. Password

      1. For AirtelMoney

    Follow these steps:

      1. Piga *150*60#
      2. Choose 1: Send Money
      3. Choose 3: Send to bank
      4. Choose 2: CRDB Bank
      5. Kisha: Ingiza Account Number

**Account Number: “Your Payment Control Number” Starts with,  99418XXXXXXX

      1. Amount: 10000 au 30000 (for Masters)
      2. Password

      1. Using CRDB Bank Mobile App.


      1. Open sim Banking app.
      2. Login
      3. Click on Services
      4. Under Institutions,Select Gov
      5. On Service Type,Select GePG
      6. On Bill No:,Enter your Payment Control Number starting with,  99418XXXXXXX
      7. Confirm informations displayed and Click on Pay

    1. CRDB Bank branch or Fahari Huduma.

Use the auto-generated GePG Number ‘Payment Control Number’ starting with 99418 XXXXX XX that you received from the system to make payment of application fee at the nearest CRDB Bank or Fahari Huduma agent. (Copy that Control Number and show it to the Bank Teller for paying Application Fee to Mzumbe University).

If you have paid using CRDB SimBanking App or Mpesa ‘Refresh your page’ or use keyboard CTRL + R to display your payment confirmation details. If you logout and paid using branch or at Fahari Huduma, login again to see your payement confirmation details. Then Click on ‘CONFIRM PAYMENT AND CONTINUE’. This will directly take you to step Number 4

Step 4: Confirm Previous Training: For direct undergraduate applicant write your ‘ Form Four Index Number’ and ‘Form Six Index Number’ correctly in the relevant boxes. Then press ’ >’ to move the numbers into the right box. Then Click on ‘SEARCH RESULTS ’. Both Form Four and Form Six results will be retrieved together with your names. Make sure you confirm if all retrieved data are correct. Then Click on ‘CONFIRM AND CONTINUE’ to move to Step Number 5.
Step 5: Select Programmes: For Bachelors, Diploma and Certificate Applicants you will choose three programmes that you would like to be considered for admission. Click of the Programme then Push/Move Forward ‘>’ or back ‘<’. They are arranged according to your preferences. Then Click on ‘SAVE AND CONTINUE’. This will take you to Step Number 6.
Step 6: Check and submit: At this stage you can review all information on your application before you click on the submit button. You are allowed to Edit all the information except the Names, Results and the Application Fee Payment.
If you are satisfied click ‘SUBMIT APPLICATION’. You have completed the Application Process. You now receive a text message through the Phone number you provided that reads “Thank you for submitting your application to Mzumbe University. You will be notified when the selection process is complete”


For Further Assistance:

1. Visit Mzumbe University Website ’ Admissions’ Buner where you will be updated on the status of your application.

2. You may also Call us on +255 767 086 469; +255 785 164 074; +255 629 130 221; +255 710 805 711 where an assistant will respond to your queries.



Application fee: TShs. 10,000.00   (for local applicants)   or USD 20.00 (for international /foreign applicants)

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