NECTA Matokeo kidato cha nne 2023/2024 – Revealed

NECTA Matokeo ya kidato cha nne 2023/2024 (Matokeo ya form four 2023/2024):

Check all the details about NECTA form four results 2023/2024 NECTA CSEE results 2023/2024, and If you are looking for Detailed information on NECTA CSEE results 2023, then you are in the right place. Here, we have shared all the necessary information regarding NECTA CSEE results 2023. It includes details about the application form, NECTA CSEE results 2023, eligibility, reservation, selection list, etc



The Certificate of Secondary Education Examination (CSEE) is an achievement test offered to candidates who completed four years of secondary education. It is a critical examination that determines if a student qualifies for A level education or not. Therefore, checking the results is essential for students, parents, and teachers wishing to evaluate academic performance. In this blog post, we will explain how to check the NECTA Matokeo ya Kidato cha Nne 2023/2024 (Matokeo ya Form Four 2023/2024).


Understanding the CSEE Examination

CSEE is usually administered at the beginning of November every year. It is eligible for students who have completed four years of secondary education at both government and privately registered schools and passed Form Two Secondary Education Examination or Qualifying Test. Repeating students can also register independently as private candidates. The CSEE exams cover basic secondary school subjects such as Mathematics, English, Swahili, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, and History.


How to Check NECTA CSEE Results 2023/2024?

Matokeo ya form four

To view your NECTA Matokeo ya Kidato Cha Nne 2023/2024 (Matokeo ya Form Four 2023/2024), you can directly visit the official NECTA website. Alternatively, you can click on the provided direct link below. Please note that the results are exclusively available online.

For a direct view of the CSEE Results 2023/2024, Click here.

Check Here >>> NECTA CSEE Results 

Step-by-step Guide to Checking the Results:

  1. Visit
  2. Locate the “Result” in the Main Menu and select “CSEE Results” from the sub-menu.
  3. Pick “Year” as 2023.
  4. Search and select your school from the list.
  5. Scroll through and find your name.
  6. Click ‘Submit’.
  7. Your NECTA Matokeo ya Kidato Cha Nne 2023/2024 (Matokeo ya Form Four 2023/2024) will be displayed. Make sure to save and print for future reference.



Eligibility of Candidates who Seats for the Examination

Any students who have completed four years of secondary education at both government and non-government registered schools and passed form two secondary education examination or Qualifying Test. Also, repeaters of the same examination who registered themselves as private candidates.



Examined Subjects/Courses

The core and compulsory subjects that a candidate is registered to sit for CSEE are: Civics, History, Geography, Kiswahili, English Language, Biology and Basic Mathematics. Candidate may also sit for additional two subjects chosen from natural science subjects which are Physics and Chemistry or Business subjects which are Commerce and Book Keeping; Home economic subjects which are Food and Nutrition and Textile and Dress Making or Technical subjects which are Building Construction, Architectural Draughting, Surveying, Carpentry and Joinery, Brickwork and Masonry, Painting and Sign Writing, Plumbing, Electrical Installation, Electrical Engineering Science, Radio and Television Servicing, Electrical Draughting, Refrigeration and air conditioning, Plant and Equipment Maintenance, Workshop Technology, Motor Vehicle Mechanics, Welding and Metal Fabrication, Fitting and Turning, Auto Electric, Mechanical Draughting and Foundry and Blacksmith and one optional subject among the following: Bible Knowledge, Elimu ya Dini ya Kiislamu, Fine Art, Music, Physical Education,French Language, Literature in English, Arabic Language, Agricultural Science, Information and Computer Studies and Additional Mathematics. No candidate for the CSEE shall register for more than ten subjects at one sitting.

Examination Formats

Each subject has an examination format which describes the structure of the examination paper, rubric and the content in which that particular examination covers. The details of subjects examined are shown in individual examinations formats that can be accessed in the examination formats link.

Functions Of NECTA

The following is a list of the additional duties carried out by the NECTA:



The Functions of National Examinations of Tanzania

  • To formulate examinations policy in accordance with the principles of education for self reliance and the education and training policy
  • To ensure responsibility for examinations within the United Republic of Tanzania and to make provision for places and centres for examinations
  • To receive from other persons or bodies of persons reports or other material affecting examinations policy and from from time to time to consider and review examinations policy as circumstances may require
  • To co-operate with other persons or bodies of persons in the orderly development of an examinations system in the United Republic of Tanzania
  • To conduct examinations for, and to grant, diplomas, certificates and other awards of the the council
  • To act as the body which shall facilitate, administer and supervise foreign examinations in Tanzania.




Powers and Duties of The National Examinations Council of Tanzania

  • Administer the properties of the Council both movable and immovable
  • To administer the funds and other assets of the Council
  • To signify the acts of the Council by use of the common seal;
  • Subject to the provisions of this Act, to appoint such officers of the Council as it may deem necessary
  • To review regulations relating to examinations
  • To consider and approve subjects suitable for examinations
  • To appoint panels or boards of examiners
  • To enter into arrangements, whether reciprocal or otherwise, with other persons or organization, whether within or outside the United Republic, for the recognition of awards granted in respect of examinations falling within their respective responsibilities

In conclusion, the release of the NECTA Matokeo ya Kidato Cha Nne 2023/2024 (Matokeo ya Form Four 2023/2024) is a significant moment for students across Tanzania. It signifies their hard work and dedication over the past four years. Best of luck to all candidates!



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