NECTA Top 10 schools in Form two Results Tanzania

Get all information about Necta Top ten schools in FTNA (Form two exams ), Shule Kumi (10) Bora Kitaifa kidato cha pili (FTNA), top 10 FTNA , Shule Kumi bora kidato cha pili .


Even the tallest of buildings cannot stand without a solid foundation. Your child’s education is no different. Given the importance of quality education in today’s fast-paced world, primary and secondary schooling plays a pivotal role in your children’s growth. This is a widely-accepted fact. The question now is ‘how do we identify the best schools in FTNA ?’ This post is to help you answer this.


The following is a list of Necta Top ten schools in FTNA .

(Shule Kumi (10) Bora Kitaifa (FTNA)

  1. St Francis Girls – Mbeya
  2. Kemebos – Kagera
  3. Graiyaki – Mara
  4. Canossa – Dar es salaam
  5. Tengeru Boys – Arusha
  6. Monica Moshono Girls – Arusha
  7. Augustine Tagaste – Dar es salaam
  8. Centennial Christian – Pwani
  9. Bethel sabs Girls – Iringa
  10. Bright Future Girls – Dar es salaam.





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