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P6 & S3 National Examinations Results 2023/2024 | REB results 2023

P6 and S3 REB Results 2023/2024 Rwanda: A Guide to Checking Your Results

The Rwanda Education Board (REB) Examination System is an integral part of the education system in Rwanda. The results of these exams, including the national examinations, determine a student’s academic future and can impact their career prospects. In this blog, we will focus on the latest REB results for P6 and S3 exams in Rwanda and discuss the procedure to check them online.. Join us as we navigate through the intricacies of the REB examination system in Rwanda.

Rwanda P6 and S3 National Examinations Results 2023/2024. Primary Six and O-Level national examination results released 2023/2024. P6 and S3 national examinations results. REB Results P6 and S3 2019: Students who have appeared to this exam will able check their marks by name & Examination number. Candidates can know the results from its official Rwanda Education Board website  as well as using below given link in this post.

National Examination and School Inspection Authority (NESA)

National Examination and School Inspection Authority (NESA) is a government institution established in 2020 by the presidential order No N° 123/01 of 15/10/2020 published in Official Gazette N° 32 bis of 19/10/2020.

It was established under the Ministry of Education, to be at the center by monitoring the implementation of Norms and Standards through school inspections and also administrate the comprehensive assessments from level one (1) to level (5) in TVET and Basic Education in line with Competence Based Curriculum / Training.

The primary mission of NESA is to ensure quality of education in basic education and Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) from level one (1) to five (5) and to regulate the comprehensive assessments of students and national examinations.


What are P6 and S3 REB Results?

P6 and S3 REB Results refer to the examination scores obtained by students in Rwanda at the Primary 6 and Senior 3 levels. These results hold significant importance in the education system as they influence students’ academic journey and future educational opportunities. The grading system for these exams is crucial in determining students’ performance. Understanding P6 and S3 REB Results is essential for both students and educators. In these exams, students are evaluated in various subjects, including Mathematics, Social and Religious Studies, Science and Elementary Technology, Kinyarwanda, and English.

Rwanda REB Results 2023/2024: result 2023/2024 by National Examinations Results –
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Rwanda Education Board (REB), Rwanda is responsible for conducting expatiation likes

  • A’LEVEL (S6) : Advanced Secondary School level
  • O’LEVEL (S3) : Ordinary Secondary School level
  • PRIMARY (P6): Primary Leaving National Examination:

The Rwanda National Examinations Council (RNEC) is responsible for the overall administration, regulation, and supervision of national examinations and accreditation in primary and secondary school in Rwanda.

How to Check Your REB Results

Step 1: Open Your Internet Browser

Any standard internet browser will suffice for this operation.

Step 2: Navigate to the Sidebar

On the right sidebar of the REB website, you will find various options. For this, your sidebar check is crucial.

Step 3: Enter the Required Details

Input your “Registration No:” in the provided field. This is your details step, so ensure accuracy to fetch the right information.

Step 4: Choose the Selected Exam Name

From the dropdown, select the appropriate exam name—either P6 or S3.

Step 5: Review Your Subject Results

After clicking “Searc,” your subject results will appear, including principal passes and REB grades.

The National Examinations Results of P6 and S3 are available here:

Kureba AMANOTA y’Ikizami cya Leta ya REB / Check for National Examinations Results from REB, Rwanda


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How do I check my REB results?

A: To check your REB results, visit the official REB website at, enter your index number, and click on the search button.

Q: How do I check my S3 results today?

A: Follow the same process mentioned above to check your S3 results today.

Q: How do I check my S6 results?

A: The process to check S6 results is identical to checking S3 results. Visit the official REB website, enter your index number, and click on the search button.

Q: What is SDMS in Rwanda?

A: SDMS stands for Student Data Management System, which is a digital platform used by the REB to manage student information and examination results.


Q: What is NESA in full words in Rwanda?

A: NESA stands for National Examinations and School Assessment, which is a government institution responsible for conducting national examinations and assessing school performance.


Rwanda REB Results 2023/2024

Rwanda REB:
Rwanda Education Board (REB) established on 07/12/2010 to improve Rwanda Education quality, building the capacities and management of teachers, loans, and scholarships, monitor the distance learning program, and promote the use of information and communication technology in education.

Rwanda Education Board (REB), Rwanda is responsible for conducting expatiation likes

  • A’LEVEL (S6) : Advanced Secondary School level
  • O’LEVEL (S3) : Ordinary Secondary School level
  • PRIMARY (P6): Primary Leaving National Examination:

ADS2 REB Result 2023/2024:
REB Rwanda is also responsible for the publication of Primary to Advance level national examinations results. Rwanda Education Board (REB) allows students to check the reb result in a very easy ways. REB also Analyse results and produce performance statistics.
REB announced their result in web portal, once the results are published candidates or schools whose results are withheld or cancelled is also notified by the board.
All results will be issued by REB as soon as the award and processing of marks are completed for each centre. A list of all candidates showing their subject results and their overall performance will be printed and candidates will be able to view their results online through SMS on mobile phones or on the website. The result slips for individual candidates will also be printed and delivered to examination centres.


REB grades
The performance of every candidate shall be given a grade for each subject and a result slip issued accordingly, indicating the overall performance of the candidate.
Grades are awarded on a 9 point scale from 1 to 9 and a 6 point scale for A-level results from A to E for Principal passes and S for Subsidiary passes determined by establishing the position of a candidate’s raw marks on a frequency distribution curve.
The pass mark is 3 subsidiary passes in the principal subjects. To qualify for Higher Education, a candidate at A’ Level must also obtain 2 principals at E in two principal subjects with a minimum of 13 points.

Rwanda National Examinations:
National examination is conducted for :

  • Primary
  • Ordinary Level
  • Advanced Level

Workforce Development Authority (WDA) is responsible for conducting TVET National Exams.


Primary Leaving National Examination also is known as P6, candidates will be eligible for the examination if they have completed six years of Primary Education. They must be presented by their schools as there are no private candidates at this level.
Ordinary Level National Examination: also known as S3 candidates will be eligible if they have completed three years of Secondary Education. Only candidates presented by their school head teachers are eligible for this examination. They may be asked for proof of having sat the primary leaving examinations.
Advanced Level National Examination also is known as S6.

School Candidates
A school candidate must be a bonafide student who has been studying continuously for three years, after the Ordinary Level National Examination, in a Secondary School recognized as eligible to present candidates for the advanced Level National Examination

Private Candidates
A private candidate is one who is not entitled to enter as a school candidate but is eligible to register and sit for the examination in conformity with entry requirements stipulated by the Board.
REB National Examinations Results 2023/2024:
REB provides a technological solution to check the REB National Examinations Results 2023/2024 in a quick and easy way. Students and parents may check the national exams like Primary, Ordinary Level and Advanced Level results by online and SMS.

REB National Examinations Results 2023/2024
REB Examinations Results by Online:
To check the results online we have given details step by instructions to check Rwanda REB Results.

Step 1: Open your Internet Browser (Like Google Chrome)
Step 2: Type in address bar
Step 3: At the right sidebar check for “Search Result“
Step 4: Select the Exam Name P6 S3 S6
Step 5: Enter Your Registration No of the Selected Exam Name.

Final Step: Click on the “Search Button”
Now your selected REB National Examinations Results will be displayed, you can download the result or print it for future purpose.

REB Examinations Results Via SMS
Students can access their RNEC results on phone by writing P6, S3 and S6 – index number and send SMS to 4891 or call 4848 a free line.

REB Examinations Results Via SMS

Adika P603030902020 wohereze kuri 4891
Adika S30101010OLC028 wohereze kuri 4891
Adika S604055MEG017 wohereze kuri 4891
How to check REB National Examinations Results?

Rwanda Education Board (REB)
Stadium Road, Remera
P.O. BOX 3817, Kigali, Rwanda
Tel: (+250) 255121482/ 3020
e-mail: [email protected]
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Ministry of Education released the P6 and S3 National Examinations Results

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