Southern Business School of Namibia |2020/2021 application form, Fee structure, Courses Offered, Selected Candidates & Results

Southern Business School of Namibia | 2018 application form, Fee structure, Courses Offered, Selected Candidates & Results
Southern Business School has CREATED LEADERS in the private and public sectors since its inception in 1996.
The four business principles of QUALITY, AFFORDABILITY, RECOGNITION and CUSTOMER SERVICE are underlying all actions and decisions and have laid a solid foundation for year-on-year growth and continued improvement of the overall learning experience.
Southern Business School provides accredited quality higher education through distance learning. As a private higher education institution, we address leadership in management, business and commerce, law and policing.
The Centre for Management and Leadership Development (CMLD), a unit within Southern Business School, focuses on developing leadership and management skills in the workplace by offering a wide range of short learning courses and development programmes tailored for both the private and public sectors nationally and internationally.
The Centre for Safety in Society is a unit within Southern Business School that supports the development of leadership and management skills within the Safety in Society environment of policing, traffic policing and the SANDF.
Making use of technology and innovative practices, Southern Business School is one of the leading private higher education institutions in Southern Africa.
Mission Statement
Southern Business School provides higher education and training in a framework where quality, affordability, recognition and customer service play a central role.

Business Principles

The four principles of QUALITY, AFFORDABILITY, RECOGNITION, and CUSTOMER SERVICE form the business principles on which Southern Business School has been built.
National Senior Certificate (NSC)
The National Senior Certificate (NSC) is a 130, credit NFQ 4 certificate issued for the first time at the end of 2008.Minimum admission requirements are:
Higher Certificates: National Senior Certificate (NSC) with a minimum of 30% in English as certified by Umalusi.
Diplomas: National Senior Certificate (NSC) with a minimum of 30% in English as certified by Umalusi and an achievement rating of 3 (Moderate Achievement, 40-49%) or better in four recognised NSC 20 credit subjects.
Degrees: The minimum admission requirement for the Bachelor degree programmes requires a National Senior Certificate (NSC) with a minimum of 30% in English as certified by Umalusi and an achievement rating of 4 (Adequate Achievement, 50-59%) or better in four subjects from the designated subject list: Accounting, Agricultural Sciences, Business Studies, Dramatic Arts, Economics, Engineering Graphics and Design, Geography, History, Consumer Studies, Information Technology, Languages (two other recognised language subjects), Life Sciences, Mathematics, Mathematical Literacy, Music, Physical Sciences, Religious Studies, Visual Arts.
Higher Degrees: A relevant B-degree or Honours degree.

In addition, further admission requirements may be specific to certain programmes.

Grade 12 before 2008

A Grade 12 Certificate with university exemption (endorsement) is required to register for degree studies.
To apply for normal registration for Higher Certificate and Diploma studies at Southern Business School, the applicant must be in possession of:
  • A matriculation certificate issued by the Matriculation Board; or
  • A certificate endorsed by the South African Certification Board as equivalent to the minimum admission requirements for higher education; or
  • Any certificate, which is deemed equivalent and which is registered on the NQF.
  • The senior certificate must reflect a minimum of five subjects in higher or standard grade or combination of subjects on the higher grade and the standard grade.
  • The Academic Board may admit a person with a senior certificate with a minimum of four subjects (which may not include more than two of the official languages) passed on higher or standard grade, provided the remaining subject/s passed on lower grade is/are not a prerequisite for the proposed instructional programme.
  • If one of the official languages is passed on lower grade, or you do not meet the above requirements, the student will be obliged to apply for conditional admission.
Conditional Admission
  • Where an applicant is at least 23 years of age on the date of registration and is in possession of a Standard 8 or Grade 10 Certificate or equivalent qualification and possesses work experience as a manager or supervisor, s/he may apply for conditional admission to Southern Business School.
  • Should a student be granted conditional admission towards the Higher Certificate in Management, s/he may register for only two (2) subjects in the first semester.
  • If the student passes these two subjects on the first attempt, conditional admission is revoked and the student’s status migrates from ‘conditional admission’ to ‘normal registration’. Should a student fail to pass both subjects on the first attempt, s/he will not be allowed to continue his/her studies at Southern Business School.
Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

Where a student did not acquire appropriate learning in a formal or structured non-formal manner, s/he may apply for recognition of prior learning. Where informal and/or non-formal and/or experiential learning took place it may lead to formal recognition. Contact Southern Business School for the necessary application forms.

Subject Exemptions

  • Students may apply for exemption from subject/s obtained from other registered Higher Education Institutions. The Academic Board of Southern Business School will consider applications and their decision is final.
  • A maximum of six subjects may be exempted on degree/diploma level, a maximum of two subjects on Higher Certificate level and two (2) on Advanced Diploma level. A maximum of 65 credits may be exempted on Honours Degree level.
Information Required to Register
The following documentation is required for registration:
  • A certified copy of your South African Identity Document or equivalent document (in the case of non-SA citizens); and
  • A certified copy of your Grade 12 (matric) Certificate, National Senior Certificate or any other qualification obtained.
if Conditional Admission is granted, the following document must be submitted, in addition to those listed above:
  • A letter from the student’s employer verifying a minimum of two years work experience in the field of study.
  • No qualifications will be issued unless the required documents are on record at Southern Business School.
To be admitted as a student to Southern Business School, an applicant must complete a registration form, but – Before Completing the Registration Form
  • You may be interested in reading about the benefits of studying distance learning at Southern Business School.
  • Select a qualification: Whether you are a prospective graduate, undergraduate diploma or certificate student, Southern Business School is rich in opportunities for students intending to study in the field of management. Select from various formal undergraduate and graduate programmes. Read about the qualifications on this website or download the Southern Business School Information Sheet, which is attached below.
  • Consider the minimum admission requirements and the qualification-specific requirements, which are detailed in the page about each qualification.
  • Did you notice that you may be granted exemptions? Obtain recognition for prior learning and be conditionally admitted to a qualification?
  • The closing date for first semester registrations is mid February, for the semester spanning from January to June. The closing date for second semester registrations is mid July, for the semester spanning from July to December.
Completing the Registration Form
Now you should be ready to complete the registration form. If you prefer to receive this form by post or email, let us know by clicking on Contact at the top right of the page or contact SBS at 011-662-1444. Other files that you should download include the debit order form and a student application form. If you are from South Africa, or any other country, use the Southern Business School forms. Please note that the Namibian forms are only intended for Namibian students.

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