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It’s the dream of every student to perform exceedingly well in their examinations. It is such a good feeling to appear in the list of the top 10 students country-wide. After the release of PSLE 2020, many have been wondering where they rank at the country-wide level. Did they make it to the list? What position did they attain in that list?

Top 10 students in PSLE Results 2020

Whenever a nationwide examination such as SFNA or PSLE is done in the country, many are always eager to find out how they rank. A list of the top-performing students comes in handy to kill the curiosity. Similarly, the best students in PSLE 2020 have been ranked from the best students going onwards.


Below is the full list of the top 10 students in PSLE Results 2020 in Tanzania (Top 10 Students Matokeo Darasa La Saba 2020).

  1. Herrieth Japhet Josephat – (Graiyaki Primary School) Mara region
  2. Huma Masala Hum – (Kwema Morden) Shinyanga
  3. Gregory Mtete Alphonce – (Twibhoki Primary School) Mara.
  4. Nyambina Musa Nyambina – (Graiyaki Primary School) Mara.
  5. Andrew Elias Mabula – (Kwema Morden) Shinganya
  6. Jonas Nyamataga Ayubu – (Little Flower) Mara,
  7. Emmanuel Kashinje Paul (Kwema Morden) Shinyanga,
  8. Emmanuel Peter Marwa (Kwema Morden) Shinyanga,
  9. Prosper Aspenas Tumbo (Gods Bridge) Mbeya
  10. Yesaya Mnkondo Bendera – (God’s Bridge)  Mbeya.

PSLE Results Top 10 Students 2020 PSLE Results Top Students




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