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“Tubariki” – Ibraah, Billnass, & Whozu

New Hit Song Alert: “Tubariki” by Ibraah, Billnass, and Whozu – Now Available for Download on!

We are thrilled to announce the release of a sensational new track that is sure to get you moving and lift your spirits. “Tubariki,” a collaboration between the incredibly talented Ibraah, Billnass, and Whozu, is now available for download on!

Ibraah x Billnass x Whozu – Tubariki

About the Song

“Tubariki” is a high-energy anthem that combines the best of East African musical styles with modern production techniques. The song is all about celebration, blessings, and positivity, themes that resonate deeply with listeners. The lyrics, sung in Swahili, add an authentic cultural touch that makes the song even more relatable and enjoyable.

Artist Collaboration

  • Ibraah brings his smooth and melodic vocals, which perfectly set the tone for the song.
  • Billnass delivers strong and confident rap verses that add depth and intensity.
  • Whozu rounds out the trio with his playful and charismatic performance, adding a unique flair to the track.

Their combined efforts result in a dynamic and engaging song that will have you hitting the replay button over and over again.

Production Quality

The production of “Tubariki” is top-notch, featuring a perfect blend of traditional Afrobeat rhythms and contemporary sounds. The infectious beat, coupled with rich instrumentation, creates a layered soundscape that enhances the overall feel of the song. It’s the kind of track that sounds great whether you’re blasting it at a party or enjoying it on your headphones.

Why You’ll Love It

  • Catchy Chorus: The chorus of “Tubariki” is incredibly catchy and easy to sing along to.
  • Uplifting Message: The song’s message of seeking blessings and celebrating life is both inspiring and heartwarming.
  • High-Energy Performance: The artists’ chemistry and energetic delivery make this track a must-listen.

Download “Tubariki” Now!

We know you’re excited to add this fantastic song to your playlist. You can download “Tubariki” by Ibraah, Billnass, and Whozu exclusively on Just head over to our website and find the download link to enjoy this hit track anytime, anywhere.


Listen and Download for Free

  • Play and Listen to the audio online on our website.
  • Enjoy the Sound clip and feel the vibes of “Tubariki.”
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  • Download the song for offline listening now and enjoy it anywhere, anytime.

Don’t miss out on this amazing track! Download “Tubariki” today and let the music bring joy and blessings into your life.

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