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TEVETA Application Form

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The Technical, Entrepreneurial and Vocational Education and Training (TEVET) Authority is a regulatory body established in 1999 by an Act of Parliament. It was founded to operate as an independent and autonomous body mandated to create an integrated TEVET system in Malawi that is demand driven, competence-based, modular, comprehensive, accessible, flexible and consolidated enough to service both the rural and urban Malawian population. The major purpose of the TEVET Authority is to contribute to human resource development through sustainable skills training and development to spearhead the country’s production and export-led socio-economic growth.

TEVET Authority implements its programmes guided by the national development agenda and sectoral policies informing the TEVET Sector in Malawi and the region. These include: TEVET Policy; National Education Sector Policy 2007-2017; Southern African Development Community (SADC) Protocol On Education; SADC Industrial Development Policy Framework; African Union TEVET Policy; And The Sustainable Development Goals, among others.




  1. To promote an integrated, demand driven, competency-based modular technical education and training system;
  2. To monitor gaps between supply and demand for skills;
  3. To support the adoption and application of appropriate technologies;
  4. To promote managerial and business skills, and a spirit of entrepreneurial culture with regard to both wage and self-employment;
  5. To facilitate sound and sustainable financing and funding mechanisms for technical education and training; and
  6. To facilitate and bring together the expertise and moderate the different interests of stakeholders of technical education and training.

Setup and Organisational Structure

The TEVET Authority comprises of a Board with representatives from various sectors, a Secretariat and regional TEVET service centres which are implementation arms.

Scope and Areas of Focus

TEVET Authority endeavors to achieve different identified objectives in the following areas:

  1. Regulation and compliance through provision of oversight on quality assurance, curriculum development, assessments and certification of TEVET trainees.
  2. Access and equity by increasing availability of TEVET programmes to all Malawians while equity entails making TEVET programmes inclusive.
  3. Quality and relevance by managing a TEVET system that complies to relevant quality standards
  4. Institutional Strengthening by recognizing the need for good corporate governance and management of its institution and that of TEVET Providers for improved efficiency and effectiveness of TEVET delivery
  5. Promoting cross-cutting issues by addressing emerging issues affecting implementation of the other strategic priority areas.

Expertise and Services

  1. Regulatory and compliance
  2. Programme planning and implementation
  3. Labour market information services
  4. TEVET advisory services



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