9 Steps on How To File KRA Amended Return

How To File KRA Amended Return – How to File an Amended Return with the KRA.

This Post provides all details about How To File an Amended Return by KRA. The Kenya Revenue Authority was established by an Act of Parliament, Chapter 469 of the laws of Kenya, which became effective on 1st July 1995. KRA is charged with collecting revenue on behalf of the government of Kenya.



How To File an Amended Return

  1. ITAX LOGIN Log into your iTax profile. The system takes you to the home page.
  2. RETURNS MENU On the red menu bar, rest the mouse on ?Returns?. Alternatively click on the ?consult ereturns?
  3. SELECT FILE AMENDED RETURN OPTION A drop down menu will appear. Click on the ?File amended return option?
  4. TAX OBLIGATION Under Tax obligation, select applicable obligation e.g. Value Added Tax (VAT) (4). The Taxpayer type and the PIN will be auto populated.
  5. RETURN PERIOD Capture the ?Return period from?.This should be the period relating to the return you would like to amend. Then click on ?Download?.
  6. DOWNLOAD Click on ?OK? for the download process to begin. The download folder will contain the actual return as well as the CSV files, if at all the previous return had any. These will allow you to recreate the previously filed return.
  7. AMEND REQUIRED FIELDS Depending on the affected entries, you will amend the required fields on the return. Once through, validate the return to generate the zipped upload file.
  8. UPLOAD AMENDED RETURN Log back onto your profile to upload the amended return. (Follow the same steps as used to download the return. The return will be uploaded on the same page from which the return was downloaded). Click on ?Choose File? and browse for the zipped upload file that was generated.
  9. SUBMIT Once done, click on the Submit button to complete the amendment process. The return will automatically be approved. NOTE: 1) Should the amendment result in an increase in liability once the return is filed, go to the “Payments” option and generate a PRN which will contain a unique reference number which may be used to effect the payment at the bank or via internet or mobile payment. 2) Should the amended return result in a decrease in liability, a task will be created in iTax for an officer to validate the amended return prior to approval of the same.

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For more information Visit https://itax.kra.go.ke/