A’level Combinations Tanzania

If you’re looking for A’level Combinations in Tanzania, Combination Nzuri ya Kusoma, This guide will help you as we have provides all information about A’level Combinations in Tanzania, Scroll down to read the full Details.



Doing or choosing the right Combination after O’level is very mandatory, since professional career begins in choosing the right Combination and it also plays a vital role in professional life. In the current scenario with so many available options for courses and tough competition, it is very hard and confusing to decide for both students and parents. With so many influential people around, we often get swayed or simply do what is told by our parents.
But it is very important to know and analysis your interests as well as options available in that field.


Let us have a look of all A’level Combinations in TANZANIA to understand your career option in a better way:


The following are the List of A’level Combinations in Tanzania.


Natural science Combinations include.

  • Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics (PCM),
  • Physics Chemistry and Biology (PCB),
  • Physics Geography and Mathematics (PGM),
  • Economics, Geography and Mathematics (EGM),
  • Chemistry, Biology and Geography (CBG),
  • Chemistry, Biology and Agriculture (CBA)
  • Chemistry, Biology and Food and Human Nutrition (CBN).



Arts Combinations which Includes.

  • History, Geography and English Language (HGL),
  • History, Geography and Kiswahili (HGK),
  • History, Kiswahili and English Language (HKL),
  • Kiswahili, English Language and French (KLF),
  • Economics, Commerce and Accountancy (ECA)
  • History, Geography and Economics (HGE).



Therefore, don’t  confuse in any manner. Follow your instinct and everything else falls into place automatically.