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The Media Development and Diversity Agency’s (MDDA) mandate and objectives are to: create an enabling environment for media development and diversity that reflects the needs and aspirations of all South Africans; redress exclusion and marginalisation of disadvantaged communities and persons from access to the media and the media industry; promote media development and diversity by providing support primarily to community and small commercial media projects; encourage ownership and control of, and access to, media by historically disadvantaged communities, as well as by historically diminished indigenous language and cultural groups; encourage the development of human resources and training, and capacity building within the media industry, especially among historically disadvantaged groups; encourage the channelling of resources to the community media and small commercial media sectors; raise public awareness with regard to media development and diversity issues, and liaise with other statutory bodies such as the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA) and the Universal Service and Access Agency of South Africa (USAASA).

Media Development and Diversity Agency (MDDA) Contacts details in South Africa



P.O. Box 42846, Fordsburg, 2033, South Africa

First Floor, 5 St Davids Place, Parktown, 2193, Johannesburg, South Africa

Tel : +27 (0)11 643 1100

Fax : +27 (0)11 643 1126

Email :

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