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Find the National Agricultural Marketing Council (NAMC) Contact Details, Email Address, Phone Numbers and Postal Address in South Africa.

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South Africa National Agricultural Marketing Council (NAMC) Contacts details, Directions, Address and Location provided below are undoubtedly useful and convenient for obtaining critical information from remote, off-campus-areas. Continue reading for physical Address, Phone, email, fax, box numbers, and social media presence among other vital contacts to connect with National Agricultural Marketing Council (NAMC).


National Agricultural Marketing Council (NAMC) Contacts details in South Africa

Postal Private Bag X935, Pretoria, 0001
Physical Meintjiesplein Building, Block A, 4th Floor, 536 Francis Baard Street, Arcadia, 0007
Tel 012 341 1115
Fax 012 341 1811/1911


The mission of the National Agricultural Marketing Council (NAMC) is to provide agricultural marketing advisory services to key stakeholders in support of a vibrant agricultural marketing system in South Africa.

The Council’s strategic objectives are to: increase market access for all market participants; promote the efficiency of the marketing of agricultural products; optimise export earnings from agricultural products; and enhance the viability of the agricultural sector.

The Council serves through the following initiatives: research on trade, linking farmers to markets, monitoring food prices and inputs costs, as well as value chain; development schemes aimed at leveraging the potential of smallholder agriculture through partnerships, as well as technical assistance and training programmes; industry trusts; bridging the communication gap between industry and the ministry; statutory measures; and investigating statutory measure applications.

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