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Educational Assessment and Examinations Services (EAES) among others has a powers and duties of preparing country wide national examinations based on the country’s education curriculum and training policy, Administer and ensure the confidentiality and safety of national exams, Establish and administer a center for the safe custody of the results of national exams, Issue certificates of exam results to examinees. Conduct educational assessment, provide different customer-based services like: Re-issuing certificate, document verification and authentication and also announce the exam results.


So you completed your NEAEA Grade 12, and you are wondering how to check your performance online? This article is a comprehensive guide on how to check NEAEA Grade 12 Results online. Read on to learn why you do not need to travel to your former school to know how you performed in your NEAEA Grade 12  exam.


How do you check NEAEA Grade 12 results online?


Checking NEAEA Grade 12 results online is easy. With the internet being almost accessible to everyone, you do not have to travel to your former secondary school to find out what you scored in the NEAEA Grade 12 examinations. You can check how you performed in each subject at the comfort of your room, in a hotel, cybercafé, or even on a bus provided you have access to the internet.


How to check your result NEAEA Grade 12 results 2022/2023?

The National Examination Agency (NEA) allows students to access Ethiopia Student Result online. As a result, the grade 12 exam result can also be checked online.

  • Switch on your laptop or mobile and connect to the Internet.
  • Open a web browser and type
  • Check the main menu and click on Student Result.
  • Now select Grade 12.
  • Enter “Student Registration Number”
  • Finally, click on GO.



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