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Showmax vs Netflix

After Netflix was launched in South Africa in 2016, there has been a whopping one-month free trial for subscribers to try out the service. Apart from that, there are also exciting Netflix South Africa content that is available to everyone who has an account with them. Especially if you love international TV shows, documentaries, and stand-up comedies, you will find this entertainment provider worth settling with. Then, you will also get to watch various Netflix South Africa movies at their peak level.

However, when it comes to Showmax, after their launch in 2015, they focus more on local shows, movies and more. Unlike Netflix, they give 14 days as a free trial to their subscribers. Then, since Showmax is owned by the same company (Naspers) that operates DStv, it makes it so easy for subscribers to also enjoy Showmax on DStv. Then, in terms of their content, you will get more of local content than international content. There are also Showmax series that you can enjoy from time to time.

How does Showmax work? Well, it works in such a way that once you have good uncapped internet or still, you have a smart TV with an internet connection, then you are good to enjoy your Showmax. Interestingly, the same thing applies to Netflix. Also, once you set up an account for your Netflix or Showmax, you will be able to choose your preferred package afterwards.

Pros of Netflix South Africa vs Showmax

The advantages of each of these entertainment providers are considered below.

  1. For your Showmax subscription, with an account, you can connect to multiple devices. With this, every member of your family can enjoy a slice of the price that you pay. However, on Netflix, you spend more to connect more devices.
  2. As for Showmax price, you pay just R99 per month while Netflix South Africa price list comes with various pricing options that you can choose from. For instance, for one screen, you pay R99 per month for the Netflix service while you pay R139 per month to connect two screens and R169 per month to connect four screens.
  3. Interestingly, both Netflix and Showmax work well on your computer, Apple TV, phone, Chrome and on your tablet. This means that with any device, you are good to roll.
  4. You can watch a complete series on both of them. However, while Netflix will make recommendations on what to view based on what you watched the last time, there is no latest update based on your previously-watched episodes on Showmax.
  5. You will find interesting Netflix South Africa shows like series, documentaries, movies and programmes that are exclusively shot for Netflix subscribers, while you can get local content and some other titles that are not available on Netflix SA when you subscribe to Showmax.
  6. Streaming from your mobile device to your Apple TV, Smart TV and so on is possible on both Showmax and Netflix. Apart from that, it is possible to set different profiles for everyone in your home. For instance, you can set one for yourself, your spouse and even your children as well.
  7. On both platforms, downloading for watching later is possible. In fact, on Showmax, you can download as much as 25 shows to watch later.

Cons of Netflix vs Showmax

Having understood the positive sides of both entertainment options, it is also worth it to consider the disadvantages that are peculiar with the two of them as well.

  1. While you are not assured of enough local content on Netflix, you can not also access the exclusive content that is meant for Netflix subscribers on Showmax DStv.
  2. Once you finish watching an episode on Netflix, it is difficult to stop watching, which may not be too good for you or your children. Talk about setting different profiles for every individual at home which is impossible with Showmax.
  3. Even though you get recommendations and also get to watch the complete series of a season on Netflix, some of the latest seasons are not always available, and also, some of the ones you get may even go to the TV first. As for Showmax, because there are no recommendations, you may not get to watch new shows.


Based on the pros and cons of these two entertainment providers, if your entertainment need is about fresh and new content, especially international shows, then you should consider going for Netflix. However, if you want a blend of international content while you still keep up with more local shows, then it is better you subscribe to Showmax.



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