TRA: Tax payment procedure in Tanzania

Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) Tax payment procedure in Tanzania.

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The Tanzania Revenue Authority is a government agency of Tanzania, charged with the responsibility of managing the assessment, collection and accounting of all central government revenue. It is a semi-autonomous body that operates in conjunction with the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs. Wikipedia



The following are the procedures which Taxpayers are required to follow during making tax payment.

  1. Visit the nearest TRA office/Centre.
  2. Obtain the tax assessment/charge together with control number.
  3. Collects a payment notice and Deposit slip and fill in the appropriate particulars (Name of Taxpayer, type of tax, TIN, GFS code Number, Amount of tax to be paid, Date of payment and Signature of the person making payment.
  4. Submit the same to the Bank/Teller and make payment.
  5. Obtain the copy of Bank payment notice and Deposit slip for his/her record

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