Television: List of TV Stations in Tanzania

List Of TV Stations in Tanzania – A list of TV Stations. All  TV Stations in Tanzania have been included.

Find out list of TV Stations in Tanzania:  This guide provides the list of the most popular TV Stations in Tanzania to let you find your favourite TV Stations.


The entrance of TV stations in Tanzania has led to more viewership segmentation and fragmentation creating a variety of stations and programs to choose from. It is now possible to have a TV station specifically catering for farmers and news only which was unheard of previously in addition a sizeable number of stations are regional and the broadcasting is in vernacular languages consequently addressing listener’s immediate requirements. In other words the digital migration has led to more niche oriented TV stations that are slowly eating into the market share of the predominant players.



This is a list of TV Stations from Tanzania.

  • Independent Television (ITV)
  • Star TV
  • Channel Ten Television
  • TBC 1
  • East Africa Television (EATV)
  • Agape Television (ATV)
  • C2C Television
  • Dar Es Salaam Television (DTV)
  • Abood Television
  • Sokoine University of Agriculture Television (SUATV)
  • CTN Television
  • Capital Television
  • Tumaini Television
  • Mlimani Television
  • C G TV Transmission Centre
  • Tanga City Council Television
  • Mbeya City Council Television
  • Rungwe District Council Television
  • Sumbawanga Town Council Television
  • Radio 5 Arusha
  • Tunduru District Council Television
  • Iringa Municipal Council Television
  • Mbozi District Council Television
  • Masasi District Council Television
  • Njombe District Council Television
  • Songea Town Council Television
  • Iramba District Council TV