Zp.049 Nungwi Results Zanzibar

This post provides  relevant information about Matokeo ya Kidato cha Pili Zanzibar, Matokeo ya Darasa la Sita Zanzibar, Matokeo ya Darasa la Nne Zanzibar for the above School.

We have compiled for you the all latest news and updates on Zanzibar Form Two National Examinations Results, Zanzibar Standard Four National Examinations Results and Zanzibar Standard Four National Examinations Results.


The Zanzibar Examinations Council (ZEC) was previously known as the Zanzibar Educational Measurement and Evaluation Board. ZEC was formally established by mandate of Act No. 6 of 2012 of the House of Representatives in Zanzibar.


Currently the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training is responsible for allocating staff to ZEC, providing policy guidelines and issuing subvention grants. Since ZEC is not currently receiving any support from development partners, the bulk of its funding comes from the RGoZ through these subvention grants. The director of the Zanzibar Examinations Council is responsible for giving directives to ZEC officials while also acting as a mediator between the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training and ZEC.

Zanzibar Examinations Council (ZEC) Results:

BMZ official website https://bmz.go.tz/



  1. To check the NECTA SFNA & PSLE Results, first of all, go to the NECTA official website.
  2. After that on the home page, you have to click on the result option.
  3. Then find your region followed by your school district
  4. After that find your school
  5. Lastly find your name and view your result


As has been observed over the course of the past few years, the dates and times of result announcements have been frequently changed. The information above has not been independently verified. However, this article will continue to be updated to reflect official updates as and when they come in.