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TIRA MIS is a portal that manages motor insurance stickers and their respective cover notes. Using this Portal, an insurer, broker and agent is able to complete and submit information regarding motor insurance sticker and its cover note issued at a particular time on-line. Moreover, all stakeholders are able to verify the issued stickers and respective cover notes on-line by clicking the link “Validate Motor Insurance Sticker” OR Sending a short message to 15200 with a word STICKER followed by MOTOR INSURANCE STICKER NUMBER (e.g. STICKER 8829537).


 TIRA MIS & Bima Verification - mis.tira.go.tz

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Functions of TIRA

  • Registration of insurance agents;
  • Registration of insurance assessors and loss surveyors;
  • Registration of insurance brokers;
  • Registration of insurance companies;
  • Registration of Reinsurance companies;
  • Inspection of all insurance players;
  • Handling insurance complaints from the public; and
  • Creation of insurance awareness to the Public.


Objectives of TIRA

  • Specify the code of conduct for members of the insurance industry;
  • Effect supervision and monitoring of insurers, brokers and agents;
  • Formulate standards in the conduct of the business of insurance which shall be observed by insurers, brokers and agents;
  • Ensure proper observance of the code of ethics and practice by insurers, brokers and agents; and
  • Perform any other function as may be necessary for the purpose of this Act.
  • Protect the interest of policy-holder;
  • Specify requisite qualifications for members of the insurance industry;
  • Prescribe levies on premiums and commissions to ensure adequate funding for the Authority.


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