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We deliver the right audience and positive return on marketer objectives by connecting sellers with shoppers as they’re researching, evaluating, and buying Advertise  with us now just email us at [email protected]



We do not support following below!
  1. Pop-up Ads (Including Pop-Under and Related Ads)
  2. Flash Ads
  3. Download Buttons (Above Post Title / Footer of the Post)
  4. Other illegal Ads (Adult Ads / Link to Spammy Websites etc.)
Our Ads Prices!
  • Header AD (Banner ads): Tsh: 1,000,000/= (for 30 days) ($500)
  • End to the Right Sidebar: Tsh: 450,000/= (for 30 days) ($300)
  • Below Post Title: Tsh: 800,000/= (for 30 days) ($450)
  • Bottom of the Post: Tsh: 600,000/= (for 30 days) ($400)
  • Custom Ad above Slider: Tsh: 700,000/= (for 30 days) ($420)

If our audience is relevance to your business then its time to grab up… If you really want to advertise on our site then please contact us at [email protected] 


Before placing ads or banner on our site read our Advertising Cancellation Policy:


Important Notice:
As we genuinely respect our all users/readers so we do not place any type of Download button installer ads under post titles or on footer of the post. Because this might heavily impacts our users experience. We will never placed any kind of installer ads because they silently install toolbars and adware in user’s PC. So please never contact us for Download button ads.

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