Welcome to Kigamboni City College of Health and Allied Sciences (KICCOHAS), a premier institution dedicated to nurturing future leaders in healthcare and allied sciences. Our college is committed to providing top-tier education and support to our students, ensuring they are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in their chosen fields.

One of the essential tools for both new applicants and current students is the Academic Management Information System (AMIS). This guide will walk you through the process of accessing the KICCOHAS portal, from creating an account to navigating the student dashboard.


Step-by-Step Guide to Accessing the KICCOHAS Portal

1. Visiting the Official KICCOHAS Portal

To begin, you need to access the official KICCOHAS portal. Open your preferred web browser and enter the following URL: KICCOHAS Portal. This will take you to the login page where you can either sign in or register as a new user.

2. Creating an Account

If you are a new applicant or student who has not yet created an account, follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Click on the “Create Account” button on the login page.
  • Step 2: You will be directed to the registration form. Fill in all the required fields, including your full name, date of birth, email address, and phone number.
  • Step 3: Choose a username and password that meet the portal’s requirements. Typically, your password should have at least 8 characters, including uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters.
  • Step 4: Review the information you provided and click “Submit” or “Register.”

You will receive a confirmation email with a link to verify your account. Click the link to complete the registration process.

3. Logging In to Your Account

For both new users and existing students, logging in is straightforward:

If your credentials are correct, you will be directed to your student dashboard.

4. Troubleshooting Common Issues

While logging in is usually hassle-free, you might encounter some issues. Here are common problems and their solutions:

  • Forgotten Password: Click on the “Forgot Password” link and follow the instructions to reset your password. You will need to provide your registered email address.
  • Account Lockout: After multiple unsuccessful login attempts, your account may be temporarily locked. Wait for a few minutes, then try again or contact the support team for assistance.
  • Browser Compatibility: Ensure you are using a compatible browser (e.g., Chrome, Firefox, Safari) and that it is up-to-date. Clear your browser cache and cookies if you face loading issues.

Overview of the Student Dashboard

Once logged in, you will have access to a wealth of resources and tools via the student dashboard:

  • Course Materials: Access lecture notes, reading materials, and other resources for your courses.
  • Class Schedules: View your class timetable and exam schedules.
  • Grades and Transcripts: Check your academic performance and download unofficial transcripts.
  • Announcements: Stay updated with the latest news and announcements from the college administration.
  • Fee Payments: Securely pay your tuition and other fees directly through the portal.

Familiarize yourself with these features to make the most of your academic experience at KICCOHAS.

Maintaining Login Security and Privacy

Security is paramount when it comes to your AMIS account. Here are some best practices to ensure your information remains protected:

  • Strong Passwords: Use a complex and unique password for your account. Avoid using easily guessable information such as birthdays or common words.
  • Regular Updates: Change your password periodically and avoid reusing old passwords.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA): If the portal supports MFA, enable it for an added layer of security.
  • Secure Devices: Always log out of your account when using public or shared computers. Keep your personal devices secure with up-to-date antivirus software.
  • Phishing Awareness: Be cautious of suspicious emails or messages requesting your login details. KICCOHAS will never ask for your password via email.


Logging into the KICCOHAS AMIS portal is a simple yet crucial part of your journey at Kigamboni City College of Health and Allied Sciences. By following this guide, you can easily access all the academic resources and tools available to you, ensuring a smooth and successful college experience.

Remember, maintaining your account security is vital. Always practice good cybersecurity habits and stay vigilant against potential threats.

We hope you found this guide helpful. Feel free to share it with fellow students or prospective applicants who might benefit from it. For more information and updates about KICCOHAS, be sure to explore our website and follow us on social media.

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