Matric results 2023 – Grade 12 matric results

How to Check Matric Results 2023 Online

Are you a student preparing for the Matric Examination 2023? Do you want to know how to check your results online without any hassle? Look no further! In this blog, we will guide you through the process of checking your Matric results online on the Department of Basic Education website and retrieving them from your high school. We will also cover how private school students can check their results on the IEB website. Additionally, we have included some tips on how to prepare for the examination, including the importance of past papers and useful resources. Once you receive your Matric results, we have provided guidance on what to do next and how to plan your future steps after matriculation. Read on to ensure a smooth experience with checking your Matric results and planning for your future.

How to Check Matric Results Online

Preparing for Matric Examination 2023

Start your preparations early to avoid last-minute stress. Organize study materials to cover the entire curriculum and seek guidance from teachers for clarifying doubts. Practice time management during matric exams preparation and make use of online resources for additional study materials.

Importance of Past Papers

Understanding the exam pattern is crucial for success. Practicing past papers aids in self-assessment and time management. It also provides insight into the exam format, helping to identify important topics for preparation.

Useful Resources for Matric Preparation

When preparing for the national senior certificate examinations, utilize online tutorials, educational apps, reference books, peer study groups, and digital platforms for collaborative learning experiences. These resources will enhance your exam preparation and foster a deeper understanding of the curriculum.

How to Check Matric Results 2023 Online on the Department of Basic Education Website

To access the Matric Results 2023 online, visit the official Department of Basic Education website. Locate the designated section for matric results, enter the required details (exam number and ID), and access the results once they are released. Follow the provided instructions to download the statement of results.

Step-by-Step Guide to Checking Results Online

Before checking matric results online, ensure accurate personal details and exam number entry. Verify via SMS or email. Use USSD service on mobile, contact district office for technical issues, and access results in preferred language.

On the Department of Basic Education website

  • Visit the DBE SC Examination Result page
  • Enter your exam number in the given field (the number your received during your exams)
  • Enter your relevant home language
  • Fill in your details


From your high school
All high schools are requested to release their student’s results the day after the department has released the Matric marks. These results will reflect your marks for every subject but once again, this document is NOT your final Matric certificate. Your school will notify you when you can fetch your official printed Matric certificate which will only be available after a few months from the result release date.
Online (on the IEB website)

  • Visit the IEB Matric Result page
  • Enter your exam number in the given field (the number your received during your exams)
  • Enter your date of birth

Information Required for Checking Results Online

To verify results online, essential info includes examination number, correct ID, and release date details. The minister oversees result release, and a confirmation SMS confirms the outcome. This ensures authenticity and access.

Retrieving Matric Results from High School

High schools provide matric results directly to students. Results are accessible at the examination center, and students can retrieve their results from the school. Viewing of scripts is available at the result release center, and principals hand over the results to matric class students.

When and How to Receive Results from High School

The release date of matric results varies annually, followed by learners visiting the school to retrieve their results. Viewing of scripts is scheduled post-result release, with Matric Friday occurring the following Friday, and learners receiving results during registration.

Understanding the Matric Certificate

The national senior certificate is granted to successful learners, and Umalusi is responsible for verifying and issuing the matric certificate. Vocational education learners receive a statement of results, opening up further education opportunities. The matric result statement reflects the examination outcomes.

Checking Matric Results Online for Private School Students

Private school students utilize the same online platform to access their matric results. Registration for online access is available, including the option to view examination scripts post-release. This process ensures that matric results for private school students are conveniently accessible online.

Guide to Using the IEB Website

Navigating the IEB website with links for Matric results 2023 provides clear instructions for accessing exam results, ensuring confidential viewing and user-friendly features for ease.

Information Required on the IEB Website

Before accessing matric results on the IEB website, users must have their examination number and personal details at hand. The website mandates the exam number and home language for result retrieval. Additionally, users need to input their ID number to view their matriculation results and statements online, enhancing secure viewing of exam outcomes.

What to do after receiving Matric results?

Once you get your Matric results, you will need to wait a couple of months before getting your official Matric certificate from your high school. Once you have your official Matric certificate, you can then start looking at universities, tech schools, TVET colleges, or private colleges that you wish to apply to. From there on, you begin your next journey as you enter your adventure to tertiary studies!

How to plan your next steps after Matriculation?

Planning your next steps after matriculation is important. Check the release date of matric results online or through the department’s ussd service. Consider further education, adult education, or technical issues. Minister Angie Motshekga announces the results. Confirm your matric examination results via the ussd service.


In conclusion, checking your Matric results online is a convenient and efficient way to access your scores. By following the step-by-step guide provided by the Department of Basic Education or the IEB website for private school students, you can easily retrieve your results. It is important to have the necessary information, such as your exam number and ID number, readily available. Once you have received your results, take the time to understand your Matric certificate and plan your next steps accordingly. Whether you choose to further your education or enter the workforce, these results are a significant milestone in your academic journey. Congratulations on completing your Matric and best of luck with your future endeavors!

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