Necta Matokeo ya Form Six, ACSEE, kidato cha sita 2024

ACSEE NECTA results 2024/2025, Form Six  results 2024/2025 | Necta Matokeo ya kidato cha sita | ACSEE Examination results 2024/2025


Form Six and Teacher Certificate/Diploma Exam Results Released Today!

The Executive Secretary of the National Examinations Council of Tanzania (NECTA), Dr. Said A. Mohamed, announced the results of the Form Six and Teacher Certificate/Diploma examinations for the year 2024 today, July 13, 2024.

These examinations were conducted from May 5th to May 26th, 2024, with over 600,000 candidates sitting for the exams across 1,421 examination centers nationwide.

This blog post provides a comprehensive guide to understanding the ACSEE and  how to check the ACSEE results 2024, and answers to frequently asked questions.

Every year, students across Tanzania eagerly await the Advanced Certificate of Secondary Education Examination (ACSEE) results. These results are not just numbers; they represent the culmination of two years of advanced secondary education and the gateway to higher education opportunities.

In 2024, the anticipation for the ACSEE results, or ‘Matokeo ya kidato cha sita 2024,’ is no different. The results of the ACSEE are used by universities and colleges to select candidates for various undergraduate programs. It serves as a standardized measure of the knowledge and skills that students have acquired at the end of their secondary education, and it’s an important criterion for admission into tertiary institutions. 

Get All the Latest Updates on Matokeo Kidato cha sita 2024/25

Stay updated on the latest information regarding the NECTA ACSEE Results 2024/2025. We have collected necessary and important info related to the Form Six Results 2024/2025, Matokeo ya Kidato cha sita 2024/2025, Matokeo Kidato cha sita 2024, Form Six results 2023, and Matokeo ya mtihani wa kidato cha sita 2024. Keep an eye on the latest announcements and updates to stay informed about your examination results. The results are typically released in June or July of each year. Once the results are released, they will be available here and on the NECTA website.


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How to Check Matokeo ya Kidato cha Sita 2024

Checking the ACSEE results is a straightforward process.

Here are the steps:

  1. Visit the NECTA Official Website: Go to the NECTA official website (
  2. Navigate to the Results Section: Look for the “Results” tab on the homepage and click on it.
  3. Select ACSEE 2024: From the list of examinations, select “ACSEE 2024.”
  4. Enter Required Information: You will need to enter your examination number and possibly other required details.
  5. View and Print Results: Once you have entered the necessary information, your results will be displayed. You can print or download them for future reference.

Note- Students can also click on the links provided above to check their NECTA ACSEE results 2024/2025.

Click here to check ACSEE Results 2024/2025

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The objectives of ACSEE

The objectives of this examination are to assess the learner’s knowledge and ability to pursue with further education such as diploma and degree courses; to examine the extent to which the learners can use the skills gained to meet the social, political, economic and technological challenges for the individual and the national development at large. Therefore, candidates at this level are expected to possess the following skills in a broad range of activities: knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis and evaluation. Now, you can easily check the Form Six  results 2024/2025 from this page.

Eligibility of Candidates who Seats for the Examination

This examination is offered to candidates who have completed two years of secondary education (advanced level) and have had three credits at CSEE level.


The Matokeo ya Kidato cha sita 2024/2025 represent a significant achievement for Tanzanian students. As we approach the release date, we extend our best wishes to all candidates and encourage them to prepare for the next steps in their educational journey.

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